Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make fun of work with Handipoints

We joined the program Handipoints back in January of this year. It is basically an online chore chart which works great for kids, especially older kids that don't want the star stickers anymore.

Handipoints is a combination of Chore Charts + Virtual world for kids.

Parents create the account for your children. Then your kids can log in and set up tasks/chore charts. The kids then earn points for completing tasks. Let me tell you, they have over 600 pre-programed tasks. Everything from chores around the house, to healthy living and even exercise and fitness. During the school years, there is an entire section for various home work and other school related items. They even have a drama section!

Kids then earn points that can be used in Handiland. This is the virtual world that they offer. It is pretty similar to Webkinz & Club Penguin. The character is a cat, you can change the way your cat looks and also change the clothes.

Kids can use their handipoints for buying things for their cat or you can set up a reward system. For example, my daughter can turn in 20 points for a trip to the park. You can also set up a system to earn actual money. This is a great way to do allowance.

The one thing that I really enjoy about this program is the help with chores. I always struggle with what types of chores my kids should be doing. With over 600 pre-set activities, it is very easy to make up a great chart that is not to overwhelming for my kids.

My kids love the Handiland and their cat.

That is what Works for Me :)


Kristen M. said...

I just signed up! I've been looking for something like this.

Misty said...

i have hated this part of being a parent because I never know, and no system ever seems to work! Halleluiah, i am signing up!

Eliza said...

Ooo thanks for the tip! Here from NCLM. My seven-year-old could use some motivation...

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