Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Recitals

Yeah the shows are all done, all 5 of them. Talk about being worn out. The recitals went great & so did Hairspray. My girls have the acting bug now & want to try out for Wizard of Oz next year. We had origially decided not to take the class next year, but now they are having second thoughts.

During Hairspray, I ran to the bathroom. Some boys were goofing off at the doors & slammed the door into my foot. I think I broke 2 of my toes. They are all swollen, I can hardly walk & they are all cut up. That made for a fun rest of the night. This happened about 5 hours before we finished up the night!


Shannon said...

Got your link up on my blog now.
Have wanted to do that for sometime and finally did!
I miss dancing! I danced at the Oak Ridge Academy of Dance forever and then I broke my ankle dancing, took off a year, went back, and it wasn't the same but I sure hope I have a daughter one day that will love to dance!

Nyla Crystal said...

My two little sisters and I all did dance competitions. Reading your posts reminds me of the "living at the dance studio" days. My mom still has an attic of Showstoppers trophies!

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