Monday, June 2, 2008

Saving Summer Carnival

Just in time for summer to officially greet us, Savethephillipsfamily is hosting a blog carnival. This carnival, although lacking funnel cakes and bounce houses, is going to serve as a way for all you Mommies (or Daddies, grandparents, crazy uncles, etc) to share your summer plans and any strategy you might have for surviving the summer months with kids.

This year my summer plans are hopefully to have as much of a relaxing summer as possible. My original plan was not to drive at all. Just wanted to enjoy the lazy days, the pool, going for walks, kids bike riding, etc.

I'm debating though on if I want to do that. I love the beach, our beach pass is $20 a season. Last year was the first year in forever that we opted not to get it. I'm kind of thinking, I want to do it. I also love garage sales, and that is part of the way I buy things for ebay. If I really don't drive, then I might not be having any merchandise to sell, lol.

I do plan on enrolling my kids in the summer reading program. There are a few events through summer, the library isn't that far. I also would like to hit at least a few parks. When kids are always together, they tend to fight. I came to the realization that I will need to at least leave the house occasionally, lol.

My oldest is also planning on trying out for competition again this year. If she does, then she will have to go to some summer classes. I'm hoping to be able to avoid all of them because last summer the classes were more then I pay for classes during the fall which is crazy.

On the school work front. I plan on having the girls do some reading, work in some summer workbooks & keep a journal (and a nature journal). Our school also does not teach printing past Kindergarten & they never learn cursive. Luckily for my oldest we moved to this district in third grade, so she had already started learning in 2nd grade. My 1st grader however was not as lucky. I plan on trying to get the girls to practice cursive as well. I mean seriously, how will they sign there name??? Crazy I think, that is something that at least needs to be taught.


Karla said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I'm returning your comment.

It sounds like you have some good ideas for the summer. I second getting the kids together with other kids. It spared my mom from sibling in-fighting many times!

KateGladstone said...

As a handwriting specialist of 21 years' experience, I note your concerns about cursive (which I hear from many moms and dads).
Although signatures actually don't require cursive (you can check with a lawyer on this one), no matter how we write we must certainly read the handwriting of others ... which means we have to know how to read cursive.

I've helped a lot of folks (your children's ages and older) make sense of cursive. My students have included everyone from college freshmen who (for the first time in their lives) had an instructor writing cursive on the blackboard to five- and six-year-olds who'd just learned to read print and who felt curious enough to want to learn to read "grownup stuff" too (even though nobody would expect them to read or write cursive for years yet.) Fortunately, learning to read cursive takes much, much less time and effort than learning how to write it. If a kid can read at all, I can get him or her able to read cursive in about an hour — and I can show you, too, how to do it in about an hour (just a couple of minutes per letter).

To get a taste of what I do and how I do it (which I hope will encourage you to call on me for more), please see the video on my web-site at
or you can see the same video on YouTube at —

the video discussses difficulty with learning to read/write cursive, and includes a demonstration of how I teach someone about the cursive capital "G."

Phillips Family said...

Thanks for participating in my carnival!

I love the not driving/driving very little idea. What a great way to save money and get some exercise.

I am shocked over the whole "no cursive" writing thing. What a shame if that skill is no longer taught...especially since a lot of kids can't read cursive writing without knowing how to do it themselves.

Sounds like you have a great summer planned!

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