Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maiden America ~ No Slip Hair Clips Review

Don't you hate it when after struggling to get your daughters hair done all pretty in clips, and then they fall out as soon as she starts playing. Well Tristan over at Maiden America has solved that problem with her gorgeous hair clips. I'm serious, these clips are stunning and they DO NOT fall out.

Not only are the clips wonderful, the company is pretty awesome as well. Maiden America is proud to be a pro-parent / pro-childhood company. Taken from the About page ~ With three young daughters and degrees in Communication and Fashion Design, Tristan Benz is a busy mom whose purpose is to produce high quality products, employ fellow moms, military wives and other Americans and encourage more age-appropriate products as the 'norm' for young girls in America. Be sure to click the link for the about page and learn how Tristan came up with the name of her company, it is a great story!

Tristan gave me a $40 gift certificate so I could try out her barrettes. I have to admit it was hard to spend, way to many pretty designs. I ended up going over and if I had any more money, I'd have bought a lot more. Seriously these are gorgeous! Here is what I ordered ~

Pony Pair Sparkling Cloud Flower in size small
Velvet Crystal Pony Pair in Black in size small
Crystal Daisy Candy cane Pony Pair in small

I also received a beautiful blue x-small clip & a bow holder ribbon decorated with crystals as a free gift. Isn't Tristan wonderful?

Now the company isn't kidding, these clips are no slip. They are amazing on how good they stay in. According to the website, they are even dog tested. Isn't that great. Maiden America could become millionaires if the right dog lovers found her site!

I only ordered size small barettes. I've used them to pull back my daughters hair and to decorate pony tails and pig tails. The x-small worked really well on my older daughter to pull back her bangs. I really want to order the size medium next time to hold more hair.

If you have a baby with fine hair, I'd recommend the x-small for sure. If you have an older child though, you can go with x-small - medium. Not sure on the larger sizes. These are great for babies - adults. Tristan sells a huge line of barrettes, amazing headbands, limited edition handbags and it looks like apparel is coming soon.

A great feature on the site is the pony pair of the month club. For $13.99 a month (shipping included) you can get a set of barrettes delivered to your house. There is also great deals on sets of 3 clips in size x-small starting at $16.99 for 3.

I really can't say enough good things about Tristan, Maiden America & the hair accessories. If you aren't sure what to do with the clips, here are some hair ideas, I love the french braid look!

Shipping is also very very reasonable, and free shipping over $35.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - when you asked to review our products, I wasn't expecting such a careful examination of the whole site / experience! I'm IMPRESSED. Grateful for the positive review and thrilled to see such beautiful photos throughout your blog! Ginny - thank YOU! Your attention to detail and your thoughtfulness, overall, says more about you than Maiden America. Absolutely delightful!

Not-So-Normal-Mom said...

My sis is a successful dog groomer in San Diego and is always looking for pet products NOT made in China. I'll see if she is interested...Thanks for the review.

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