Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birth control is NOT abortion

Subject: Contraception is abortion?


I had to share something with you. Can you imagine living in a place where birth control is considered an "abortion" and health insurers won't cover it? Where even rape victims are denied emergency contraception?

It seems unbelievable, but the Bush Administration is quietly trying to redefine "abortion" to include birth control. The Houston Chronicle says this could wipe out dozens of state laws that protect women's reproductive freedom and protect rape victims. And this proposed "rule change" doesn't need congressional approval.

I just signed a message to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, whose department is considering this rule change, telling him: "Contraception is NOT abortion." Can you add your voice to this cause? Click here to sign the message:


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Shar said...

Thanks, just went & signed this!

Peggie said...

There is a reason for this. Some birth control methods do cause an abortion because they do not allow the fertilized egg to plant itself. A person is a person at conception and getting rid of that "fetus" is an abortion. Technically, yes, IUD's, the pill and the morning after pill do cause an abortion. Just not the same way we think of it. However, abortion is abortion, no matter how small or big that baby is inside you.

Sally said...

A friend of mine recently got pregnant. She's Catholic and doesn't believe in birth control, but instantly considered abortion. It seems so weird to me. You don't need birth control as a Catholic girl because you're not supposed to be having premarital sex. I don't get people's logic sometimes. (I'm against abortion, but very much for birth control.)

Jes said...

Like Peggie said there are some forms of birth control that cause abortions by not allowing the fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.

There are many other ways to prevent pregnancy than using a chemical contraceptive. We've very successfully avoided getting pregnant and gotten pregnant by tracking my cycle, not only does it have no side effects like typical birth control does, it also allows all fertilized eggs to become what God intended them to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Peggie on "A person is a person at conception and getting rid of that "fetus" is an abortion." And yes, SOME birth control methods are abortion IF the egg is fertilized.

BUT... if the egg HAS NOT been fertilized, then there is/was no baby to start with.

I still stay, play in bed... be prepared for a baby!

As far as rape victims, let's not make the baby a victim too... I actually had the pleasure of talking to a beautiful young lady who was conceived by rape and given up for adoption. She later met her mother (who tried to abort her) AND her father (still in jail). It was truly an AMAZING and touching story and really opened my mind and eyes to the "rape victim" scenerio. I'll have to post on that sometime!

Ginny said...

I am pro-choice, but I do agree abortions are horrible. I feel that each woman has that right to choose though.

On the birth control, yes there are other ways of preventing pregnancy, but lets face it, not all women can do that. I personally don't even use birth control, but I deserve the right to choose it.

There are many women that just do not understand how to track the monthly cycle. There are also women out there that are in relationships that have men that do not care if they get pregnant or not. Those men are also usually the ones that don't stick around to raise that child. All women deserve to have the choice.

With birth control, it may prevent a fertilized egg, but seriously there is no way to tell. It may never stop a fertilized egg. It is a valid option that should not be taken away.

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