Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eco-friendly Office Supplies

On my quest to go greener, I have searching out companies that value the Environment. Companies that try to make an effort to be eco-friendly. Since I have a home based business, I spend a lot of time at my desk on my computer. It is important to me, to try and lower my carbon footprint. I found one online source, Super warehouse that is your one stop shop for all the home and business office needs with the best selection of Eco-Friendly Name Brand products. I am highly impressed with the large range of top name brands that have an emphasis on going greener and becoming more eco-friendly including Hewlett Packard, Canon and Apple.

I currently use a desktop computer. I have been trying really hard to save up for a laptop. Not only would be allow me to get more work done by being portable, but laptops are also more energy efficient! I love the company Apple, but I never really considered getting one of their laptops. Only because I am not familiar with them.
However, the Environmental Protection Agency has ranked Apple laptops as the most environmentally-friendly portable computers in its EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), according to a recent New York Times article. This does make me consider getting a Mac. I've always wanted to try it, but like I said I'm not familiar with it. I know that most Mac users, would never go back to using anything else. Apple is also taking all existing MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks and will shed their plastic covers for ones constructed from more eco-friendly materials. These materials include aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The new upcoming MacBook Pro will have design features borrowed from both the aluminum iMacs as well as the MacBook Air.

Did you know that Canon launched a Generation Green initiative this year? This initiative will combine the Company's latest environmentally-conscious PIXMA, SELPHY and imageCLASS printer products and solutions under one corporate brand name: Generation Green. As part of its Generation Green campaign, Canon has also announced the availability of NatureStone™ product packaging in select ink packs. NatureStone uses biodegradable limestone packaging, which reduces the need for paper and other raw materials, resulting in a 45 percent reduction in natural energy, 65 percent reduction in petroleum-based plastics and 50 percent reduction in emissions that impact global warming. Superwharehouse has a nice selection of color laser printers including Canon. Another option if you are in the market for a laser printer is the Brother laser printer.

HP is another company that is working on becoming more eco-friendly. They have recently began making their printers out of mainly recycled plastics to help reduce the companies carbon footprint. They are also working on energy efficiency of HP LaserJet and Inkjet printers 40 percent by 2011. The company previously reached a goal of 30 percent reduction set for 2005. Another goal that I love that they are working on is to make 100 percent of HP's consumer photo paper will derive from sustainable forest certified suppliers in 2009. I won't have to feel guilty if I print a photo from my HP scanner once they complete that goal!

Superwarehouse offers free shipping on orders over $299. The company was founded in 1997 by San Diego entrepreneur Russel Schnieder. Super Warehouse is known for providing expertise and guidance for customers to help determine the best technology solutions for their needs. With the large selection of name brand products from companies working on becoming eco-friendly make me want to buy all my home office technology from Super Warehouse.

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Rhea said...

That's great to hear so many computer makers are going green. I think Apple is a great company. I used to have a Mac but don't currently. I need to save up for a laptop too.

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day Monday!

Rocky said...

Check out the bamboo chair mats on Also various recycled tire products as well.

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