Sunday, August 17, 2008

I need a laptop!

I have been wanting a laptop for about a year now. I have a desktop that moves pretty slow. My kids are both getting older and wanting to use the computer more and more. Plus Alli is starting middle school and I know she will need to use the computer even more, plus she is starting to chat more with her friends.

When we switched dance studios last year, I found out they had wireless service. With all the hours I spend there, I could do so much with a laptop. I am a stay at home mom that makes all my income on the computer. Between blogging and mainly ebay for money, I really need to be available at ALL times! Especially with the Michigan economy falling apart. I will be totally honest, my husband has worked a full 40 hour week twice this year! The rest is part time or not at all. Every time he starts to get work, it lasts a few days & then off again. We are really struggling and with both girls in school it seems are expanses just keep going up. Plus with gas & my older car, it costs a lot.

A new laptop could really help me out so much. It could take me the next level of earning some money for my family. I have already sacrificed about as much as I can just to keep the girls in decent clothes and dance classes. I just cannot take dance away from them, they love it so much and it does so much good.

I have been trying to save my Amazon gift certificates that I have won or earned, but I am only at $75, LONG way to go. Plus I am pretty sure I will end up breaking and using that to get the girls some christmas presents.

I new laptop wouldn't just help me, it could also be used for Alli when she needs to do school work.

When I read what 5 minutes for mom did for
Tammy, I was SO happy for her. She truly needed a laptop, that is just amazing what Janice and Susan did for her. I know my story isn't truly as deserving, but I could truly use a thoughtful gift like that. I started my family at 19, I had a terrible pregnancy and a rough start with Alli. I made the mistake of dropping out of school and things kind of just happened. I went back to work when Alli was about one at CVS Pharmacy. I worked there 3.5 years and was really move up in the pharmacy department. Then we got the surprise of Cammie and my boss did not take it well. I again had a rough pregnancy, and was just not in shape to fight the company for the way they treated me. I finally ended up quitting in Jan 2001. We were starting to do well, hubs had a good construction job. Then 9-11 happened, and work slowly dropped. Actually not slowly because his last day at his job was Christmas eve that year, the guy went under & he never even got paid for the work he did on Christmas eve.

Things started getting back on track near the end of 02 & through 03. Then in 04, hubby got injured 4 separate times that year, averaging every couple months. He ended up shooting his finger with a nail gun, shooting his toe, falling off a roof & then falling into a pored basement. The toe injurly resulted in an bone infection that needed to be hospitalized for. The finger ended up needing surgery for some kind of cyst a few years later & the 2 falls resulted in ribs moving out of place and major problems.

To make that even worse, his boss never had workman's comp coverage so we have medical bills piled high. Then he got mad that hubby went to hospital for treatment so he fired him & never paid him. We actually won a labor board judgment, but still have not seen a penny of what we are owed.

As you can see, it seems like one thing after another, lol. I try really hard to keep a positive attitude and just keep on plugging along. A new laptop though, would sure open up some doors for me and my oldest daughter :)

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