Friday, August 8, 2008

Ideal Bite ~ A simple site to help you start living eco-friendly

When helping the planet doesn't require a lot of time or money, who can argue with going green? doesn't expect you to install solar panels on your roof or start growing all of your own food — they're just providing small steps you can follow to reverse your ecological footprint. Like wearing clothes made of organic cotton (it takes 1/3 pound of chemicals to produce the non-organic cotton that makes one T-shirt) or unplugging your electrical devices when they're not turned on (40% of all electricity is used to power home appliances while they're turned off). Not only does Ideal Bite provide the tips, but they give you the payoff as well, so you know your contribution is making a difference (if everyone in the US followed the electricity tip above, the country could shut down 17 power plants).

And if you like what you see on the site, most of the products featured are available to buy through links at the bottom of each tip.

I've been receiving Ideal Bite's newsletter for awhile now and I really enjoy it. The site is clean and easy to navigate. They have really great tips that are easy to do. Really cute graphics as well that makes the site fun to navigate around in. I really enjoy the Bang for the Bite and the Cocktail Facts. You can also save your favorite tips in the My Bites.

I really recommend this site/newsletter if you are trying to be more conscience of the earth around you! At least check it out :)

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tata said...

Done :) Doing my part to try and Save the World! Check out

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