Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review ~ Nana Star

We received both the first book Nana Star and the second book Nana Star and the Moonman recently. My daughters were so excited. I thought this set was going to be just for my 7 year old, but my 10 year old snatched up the Moonman :)

Elizabeth Owens is the creator of Nana Star and, to those who know and love her, she is the real Nana Star. Born February 1, 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland, Elizabeth has three children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Please take a moment to read all about Elizabeth and how the Nana Star book series came about.

There are currently two books in the series, with more coming out. The first book you get to meet Nana Star®. Join this little girl's magical adventures as she promises to bring a lost baby star home where he belongs. It won't be easy–he lives high up in the heavens. With this book you can also get the Nana Star Posable Doll. The world of Nana Star brought to huggable, snuggable, lovable life!

Cami, my newly turned 7 year old just adores the Nana Star doll. She has been taking her everywhere with her. She is so soft and cuddly she easily goes everywhere + is easy to sleep next to. She even comes with a little star to take care of. The attention to detail for this doll is unbelievable, everything in the book is included on the doll. Both girls loved noticing that. The clincher on this doll though is it looks like she has ballet shoes. That totally won Cami over!

Nana Star and the Moonman is the next inspiring story in the Nana Star Series. Nana Star is ready to bring the lost baby star back home where he belongs, but the world has gone to bed and she feels scared and alone. With help from a new friend, she learns that she is never alone, that the Moonman is always watching over and guiding her, even when she can't see him. With this book you can also get the Moonman Lovey. Made to be loved to pieces, the Moonman lovey glows when Little Twinkles cuddle him and plays a sleepy "luvaby" when they hug his tummy! He's a comforting presence as they drift off to dreamland.

I really thought it was funny when my 10 year insisted on keeping this one. She keeps him on her bed with all her Webkinz.

When the books arrived, after deciding which girl got which plush, they instantly took off to read the books. Alli happily read both books to her little sister. I believe these are the only books that I got her to read completely actually. That is saying something because my oldest hates reading! {I don't know where she comes from?} There is also one error in each book, my girls were really excited trying to find it. There is even a reward if you find it and mail in the info!

Besides the stories being interesting and inspiring, the books are gorgeous. They are larger, measuring about 10" x 8". The books are hardcover & come with a matching book cover. The books have pretty illustrations done by Linda Saker. They also come with a sing-along cd.

I highly recommend these books, would make a wonderful Christmas present! You can buy the books at the Nana Star shop.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the Nana Star Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to two main causes ~ helping make life easier for children attending under-resourced, inner-city schools and for terminally ill children. A portion of all Nana Star product sales goes directly to the Foundation. They also do other charitable works with the books, check out the link for more info or to donate.

If you are interested in viewing the Nana Star videos or listening the music, click here. Make sure to get up to date info on all the happenings by subscribing to the Nana Star newsletter. Each new book will introduce a new character to this fun series.

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kailani said...

We love Nana Star and The Moonman! They've become my daughter's best friends.

BlapherMJ said...


Our apologies for not writing sooner. We recently lost our beloved Nana Star and have been a little slow in getting "back in the swing of things".

Thank you for such a wonderful, detailed review. Your description and thoughts on our books, Nana Star and Moonman were fantastic to read. (My 9 year old loves Moonman too!) Thank you for putting so much time and effort into it.

Your review and link has been placed on our site. We hope you'll stop by our page http://www.nanastar.com/bloggers.html and we look forward to seeing you around http://www.laughfriendly.com too!

Blaphs and Blessings,


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