Monday, August 25, 2008

Save 10% on Couponizer + Free book limited supply

You might remember my review of the Couponizer, I'm still using it & love it. Right now there is a sale going on! Get a 10% off discount to the entire order. Expires 10/15/08

To apply the code, simply enter it in the coupon code box on the online order form or mention it when ordering by phone.

Plus with each Couponizer order comes a copy of the book "Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom" by Stephanie Nelson, an $18 value for FREE, while supplies last.

I also have the Giftionizer & really like that as well, so check it out at the site!

If you need help getting really cool info on coupons and deals of your own to fill your couponizer with, then visit The Coupon Coup!

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