Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Pictures already

So yesterday I get a big envelope from Aly's school with all that first day of school paperwork in it. I guess in order to not take away from school time, now we have to turn in all that paperwork a week before school. On the day that we get schedules & locker assignments. What really threw me though was the $40 book deposit was also due that day AND they are taking school pictures.


I'm not ready for school pictures. With buying school supplies & clothes, then trying to come up with book deposit, how can I also afford a new haircut & pictures? I'm a scrapbooker so you know how important the first picture of middle school is. UGH! The smallest package comes with 3.5 x 5 + 2 wallets. What a joke! I'm going to hopefully do the middle one that gets you a 5 x 7 & some wallets for a small fortune. Today I went running to Penney's to charge some dang school clothes, something I was really hoping to avoid.

They have to wear something along school guidelines for the picture, so it's not like I can take her in a cute tank top or anything. I'm bummed, I thought I had a little bit longer.

Oh well, at least it won't be all hectic at school. Usually pics come after lunch/gym & then her hair is a mess, etc. If it was for having money problems I'd actually LOVE this set up. Hubby is out of work again, no work at all. Not sure what to do. Money sucks my friends!

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Robin said...

I work for a school photo co. and there is always a make up day for pics for the kids who weren't there for the first op. Just have her pic taken but don't order anything; then have them retake it on make up day and order then. The first pic is usually the one used in the yearbook but at least you won't have to pony up the funds until later on.
Another op is to check your companany's policy (I don't work for Life Touch but I'm betting that is who is doing your pics) - the co. I work for will let you call them after pic day and will pull your daughter's pic and let you order. A sale is a sale even if it's late.
Also, if you send many pics to relatives check the order form to see if they offer the images on a CD; our co. has been doing this for years, but many don't take advantage of it b/c they have been trained to just buy the "Most Popular" package. You have to order a package then add the CD as a bonus item (or add on), but you can get unlimited prints made by doing this for like 18. in my territory. (+ printing at your local drugstore) - if you send a lot this will usually save you $. I don't know if LT offers this yet or not tho'.

Julie said...

I am as frustrated as you are. Between three of the children, we need a total of 15 binders! 15! What the hell is that about? I've gotten most of them for $1.50 each, but I haven't been anle to find the 1 1/2" binders cheaper than five dollars each,and I need four of them. I'm sorry, I am not paying $20 for binders!


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