Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Updates ~ Orientations & such

Last week Alli took a getting ready for middle school class. It was a really nice introduction to the school. It is a newer school & set up really funky. She got familiar with it & now knows her way pretty good. Plus they got tons of time to practice the dreaded locker combination! I'm so glad I decided to put her in the class.

Monday was orientation. She got her school pics done & her student id. It came out really nice, so I'm glad I came up with some cash to order a package. I spoke with the school and they are letting me pay the book deposit late. Which worked out because I didn't have enough & I really wanted a copy of the picture. Even if I didn't do the picture, I wouldn't have had enough, so I guess it worked out. Her schedule is pretty good, we walked the route. Her first 10 weeks will be crazy because she has to go to one side, then to another side & then back to the middle. The last half of the day is all right in the same area + by the bus area. Her 6th hour teacher said the kids like having a class by the bus so they don't freak out about missing the bus everyday.

Turns out her english teacher was my home ec teacher. She was really nice + my brother said he had her for reading & she was actually his favorite teacher. My daughter struggles with english, so I'm glad she has a good teacher. She does have some known mean teachers, so I've been talking to her about ways of handling it, etc.

Cami had her open house today, I have't uploaded any pics yet. Her teacher seems really nice. She is pregnant with a baby boy due near Christmas. I'm bummed because she will be out at least 2 months, but she does plan on coming back so that is good. This happened to Ali in 3rd grade & Cami in Kindergarten, so I'm a bit annoyed. Only for selfish reasons though. We have a school full of young teachers. I love it, but those dang pregnancy's, lol.

We are all getting excited though, they go back after labor day. I'm looking forward to it a bit, especially since our pool burst the other day. I'm so not looking forward to the homework though, that is going to suck royally. My oldest hates homework & has major struggles. My youngest is pretty good, but if she is tired she is so stubborn & crabby. Fun fun fun!

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Misty said...

that is really pretty cool. I would love for Genny to have one my old (good) teachers...

Kristin said...

I hope she has a great year in middle school. My oldest just started middle school too.

Nancy Murphy said...

I wish her a wonderful school year. I think that is great that they offered that class to get ready for school.

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