Sunday, August 10, 2008

So you think you can dance Finale

I was really happy that Joshua won the So you think you can dance season 4 show. I actually voted for Twitch because he was a favorite since his auditions on season 3, but really Joshua should have won. I was also really happy that Katee won the 50,000 prize for girls. I wish they started doing that sooner! I always hated that they made a girl & guy leave on each show, but then only give out 1 prize.

I started watching in Season 2, and this is the first season that I was happy with the Top 4. This was a really good season. I was happy to see Shane Sparks and Wade Robson choreograph the last show, they are 2 of my favorites.

What I really liked about this season is how many hip-hop dancers there were and how good they did. Even Comfort, she was not a favorite but when she did choreographed hip-hop she was awesome. The number with Twitch was amazing, that is the first time they got two hip-hop dancers for a hip-hop number & it was one of the best routines I have ever seen on the show! I am amazed at how versatile Joshua and Twitch are.

I liked seeing the dancers from seasons past as well. I wonder what happened to Sabra from last year, I think this is the only time they didn't mention anything about the winner. I was hoping to see
Ivan Koumaev & Natalie from season 2, but didn't see them. They were my 2 favorites of all the show. I guess Natalie works for the Greek show of So you think you can dance & not sure what Ivan is up to, it says that he is living in New York with Travis from the show.

The Pop N Lock battle was awesome, excited to see that. I know they had talked about it, glad they came through!

I also enjoyed watching Mary & Nigel dance! I hope they do more of that next year.

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