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School Zone Publishing Company and Your Baby Can Read! LLC, join forces to declare summer 2008 “The Summer of Learning.” Summer is in full swing and students are filling their time with fun and relaxing activities. When school resumes in the fall, teachers assume that their students have retained everything they learned the previous year. Unfortunately there is a lot of backsliding that happens during a long break from school.

“The Summer of Learning” encourages parents to spend 30-minutes, three times a week on reading, vocabulary, spelling and math with their child during the summer. “Summer is a time for kids to relax, travel and have new experiences,” says Jonathan Hoffman, CEO of School Zone. “We are committed to creating fun and interactive learning experiences to keep children engaged and continue the learning process even when school is out of session.”

The babies and toddlers in the family might not be in school yet, but their brains are ready for knowledge. Created by Dr. Robert Titzer, the groundbreaking Your Baby Can Read! program teaches children to read from the age of three months old. Dr. Titzer’s research proves that the natural learning window for a child is ages 0-4. Why wait until kindergarten to begin the learning process? “Starting baby off on the right educational foot is so important,” says Dr. Robert Titzer, creator of Your Baby Can Read!, “Summer is a relaxing time for most of us and a great opportunity to begin teaching baby to read.”

School Zone and Your Baby Can Read! suggest a host of activities to give the brain a workout during the lazy days of summer.

Baby and Toddler:

Your Baby Can Read! is a simple and integrated program that teaches babies to start recognizing words as early as three months old. This learning process leverages baby’s natural curiosity and opens the door to a whole new world of learning.

Reading to a child is one of the greatest gifts. Make it interactive with School Zone’s Peek-a-Boo Puppy book. Baby will love to make puppy cover his eyes with magnetic paws before guessing what gifts puppy’s friends have brought him. Discover the surprises on magnetic lift-the-flap cards.

Preschool and Kindergarten:

Keep your young ones busy while on long trips with a fun and educational game of Go Fish and Old Maid. School Zone’s specially designed playing cards allow kids to match up lower and upper case letters during a game of Go Fish and counting from one to nine with Old Maid.

3D Think & Blink Alphabet Flash Cards are fun and flashy! Watch and learn as these 26 amazing alphabet flash cards magically blink between letters and pictures to help children recognize the letters of the alphabet, identify beginning sounds and practice alphabetical order.

First and Second Grade:

First Grade Scholar Deluxe Edition sharpens skills by engaging a child’s natural love of learning. The full-color workbook uses a fun zoo theme to introduce a lively selection of first grade language arts, math, science and social studies. The First Grade Scholar can travel anywhere for use on the road!

The Big Science Workbook contains weather, seeds & plants, insects & spiders, reptiles & amphibians, birds, ocean life, mammals, dot-to-dots and other activities. The Big Science Workbook is a great learning addition to those summer outdoor excursions and trips to the zoo.

Third and Fourth Grade:

Take a trip across the United States with the interesting activities in the Travel the Great States workbook. Challenging puzzles, map quizzes and intriguing facts about each state helps children learn geography and develop map reading skills. Use the fantastic workbook from School Zone to prepare kids for a summer road trip and involve the entire family in planning.

Multiplication and Division are an important foundation for math skills. The Multiplication and Division Flash Action Software makes learning fast and easy. Children practice problems against the clock, challenge another player to a game of fast facts or test themselves for speed and accuracy. Making math fun, interactive and easy offers children an interactive opportunity to keep up on math during summer break.

Fifth and Sixth Grade:

Make the journey as much fun as the destination with Games & Puzzles Deluxe Activity workbook. Travelers will enjoy time together while playing games, solving puzzles, laughing at riddles and much more.

Math War: Multiplication is an exciting card game that helps children learn and practice multiplication facts while having fun. Take the math war on the road, having fun while keeping up those math skills.

Alyssa has been working on the 6th grade getting ready for Math book. It is 60 pages, and I love this book. It is really getting her ready for math. Math is what she struggles with the most, so the book is perfect. Cam has been working in a huge 320 page Getting ready for 2nd grade book. It covers every subject and is just awesome. Seriously, these are some of the best summer books I have come across yet!

Create your own Summer of Learning! Visit and Kids and parents alike will enjoy the educational time together and breathe a sigh of relief when there is no re-learning to be done in the fall! You can even print out sample pages at the School Zone website!

Kids can also play games at the School Zone Kids site!

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