Friday, August 8, 2008

Tween Friendship Drama + Limited Too Sales

Myspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsWe have 3 girls on our street + my 2. Aly & one girl are girly girls, while the other 2 are more tomboys. The 3 girls are all younger then Aly, but one of the tomboys is only about 6 months younger even though all 3 of the neighbors are one year under my oldest.

The oldest of the 3, thinks she runs the street. She is into sports, very tough, a bit on the chunky side. Her and her mom bully and threaten everyone on the street to get along with them. They are gossipy, they hold bonfires in the front yard to gossip & get drunk. The dad hangs out in the garage watching everybody. Ok that is a little background.

A few days ago, my oldest left her towel over there. The day before that she left a different towel over there. On the 2nd day, I told her to go get them, the girl told her that her mom had them in wash. I didn't believe it because come on, why would you wash the towels after they were only left for a few minutes. Ok so the following day, she goes to get them & she can't have them because they are in the dryer. The third day, Aly went to a friends grandma's house to go swimming, i told her go get a towel from there. The girl finally gave up 1 of the towels. Today I said, you need to get our towel, I don't care the reason.

I ran to the store in the afternoon, wasn't even thinking about the towel thing. Aly was playing with the girly friend, so figured whenever they all got together she could get it. So I'm gone maybe 10 minutes & my mom calls to say that this girl told Aly it is her towel and she can't have it. Then said she was going to have her mom come over our house. That is the big threat because the mom likes to scream & yell & cause scenes any time something doesn't go her daughters way. I told my mom to just tell Aly to let them know I'd come over & handle it when I got home.

A few minutes later, I get a call saying that this girl is demanding $14 for a supposed lemonaide stand they held sometime LAST SUMMER in june or july. My mom is worried about this lady coming over & causing problems, she has major health problems & does not handle stress well. I am so mad I am shaking at the store. By the time I get home, my daughter comes running over saying this girl apologized & the girly friend went & got the towel out of the garage. Which I thought was funny since it was supposedly washed & dried. I really can't stand this girl.

She has done this crap so many times. She is always threatening her mom or calling the cops on things the cop would have nothing to do with. Yet if my kids leave something over there, it is for the taking for her & her older sister. FRUSTRATING!

Plus this girl has a terrible mouth. I have seen them instant messaging & she swears worse then my carpenter husband. From what I understand her parents let her. They had gotten into a bad fight right before school last year & I guess the dad was out there telling her to call my kids assholes, etc.

A few weeks ago, my daughter left her fly speaker over there. The sister supposedly took it with her to soccer. Then the mom went out drinking, so we couldn't get it out of the car. Then the mom couldn't drive home because she was drunk, so we had to wait till the following afternoon when her husband could drive her to her car. Then the kicker, it was on the sisters dresser. It is one thing after another with these people.

What sucks is everyone acts like this girl is god, so if my kids were to stop talking to her, they would be stuck with no friends nearby. Normally I try my hardest to stay out of these things because it is normal for kids to fight especially girls. With the mom always butting in though, it makes it hard. I can't even tell you how many times my daughter has been yelled out by these parents & for really silly things. Two of the moms are just so load & obnoxious. The third mom barely speaks English, so she is my favorite, lol. She never gets involved, just lets the kids be kids.

I normally don't post about stuff like this, but felt the need to vent. With my daughter about to turn 11 and hit middle school, the DRAMA is going to be FUN FUN for me :)

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Amanda said...

thanks for the info

and thank you for the comment on Mommies United. Samantha has a passion for dance, and I am hoping it teachers her more than just dancing, like poise, grace, manners, and listening. Of course if it made her a more quite child that would be awesome LOL

Angela said...

Oh my goodness... My daughtr is 5 and your post has given me an anxiety attack. LOL! I. AM. NOT. READY.

lashell said...

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