Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vusion ointment for Severe diaper rash

Diaper rash is one thing I definitely do not miss when it comes to my kids growing up and getting older. I do not miss the diaper changes, or the surprises you find when you pull that diaper off. The guilt of finding a rash, could I have done anything to prevent this to my poor little baby? Nope don't miss it at all.

Since I know many of my readers still have babies in diapers, when Mom Central sent an email about getting the word out about a new treatment for severe diaper rash, I happily accepted. Especially when I read that we moms should stop feeling guilty. Almost all babies get it at some point.

With my first daughter, she had to stay in the hospital for a few days because she was 6 weeks early. When I was finally able to bring her home, she ended up getting a terrible diaper rash. I had to take her to the doctor and they gave me a compound to use on her. Even though I didn't blame myself, I felt so bad for my poor baby. I was lucky enough that neither of my girls got them that often, but they both did get them. It is a terrible feeling, you just don't always know how to handle it.

Did you know that severe diaper rash can sometimes be the result of yeast coming into contact with irritated skin and becoming a yeast infection? Good news though, there is a new medication that helps this form of diaper rash called Vusion. This medication is by prescription only. It is a gentle ointment that can be used on babies as little as 4 weeks old. It is also the only drug approved by the FDA for this type of infection.

If you have a child still in diapers, check out Vusion's website. You can also print out a coupon for your next prescription of Vusion.

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