Week #1 Organising Queen Decluter Challenge

For my first week of decluttering, I got rid of ~

  • 14 pairs of shoes that were my grandmas that I've had for about 3 years now.
  • a 10lb box of size 4t summer clothes (my youngest is in a 6).
  • 3 bottles of old foundation (makeup)
  • Went through some files & got rid of old statements etc that I didn't need. Filled about half bag of recycled papers!
  • 2 Magazines

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HDMac said…
Good job! Welcome aboard our decluttering journey! :)
fruitfulwords said…
Awesome. Doesn't it feel so good to LET clutter leave our homes?

Was it hard to give away the shoes? I find it hard to let go of clothes from my mom and grandma. There is such an emotional tug.
Tara said…
good for you!
Nancy Murphy said…
I am joining you in this great challenge! I can't wait to get rid of more stuff. Thanks for sharing this contest.
Marcia said…
Excellent, Ginny.

I find if I write a whole post about the subject and explore the story of why I was actually keeping the stuff it becomes easier to let go...try it :)
Rachel said…
WOW -- that's impressive. I need to do some decluttering myself!

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