Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School ~ Not so Wordless Wednesday

My girls went back to school yesterday. My oldest is now in Middle School so she leaves an hour before my youngest. I got up at 6:45 {which was next to impossible for me, ugh} & woke up Ali. She got up right away. She got ready in about 15 minutes which was impressive. Got dressed, did her hair, put on some makeup, etc. Yes, I decided she could wear some make up. I only let her put on some eye shadow & mascara. Then she was all set. The only bad thing was with having the extra time was she started to get nervous about school. When the bus finally came, she told me I could go ahead & shut the door, lol.

Then I had about 20 minutes to wait till I could wake up Cami. The school didn't send out our bus information, so I wasn't sure when to take her outside, so I gave us an extra 10 minutes then what I normally do. Cami got up really easy is well, which probably won't happen to often.

Got her ready & went outside to wait & wait & wait. Bus ended up coming same time as usual. Isn't that crazy that they sent home the bus info on the first day of school, we were the only school in the entire district that it happened to. Even my oldest got her bus info.

Alli ended up getting home a half hour late. Some kindergartner got lost and somehow the mom stopped our bus to find her kid. Still don't quite understand that story but whatever. She was so excited, said she had a great day. Ran inside, changed & immediately took off to friends house, lol.

Then Cami came home & she also had a good day. That bus took them to the wrong elementary school, so she said she was late to school. They really had the bus system messed up. In the morning, before her bus came another bus drove by but left when she found out we weren't the correct route. She said her teacher also took them down to art class when it wasn't their turn, so the day was full of mistakes for her. She is my quite one, luckily she handed it all well.

Cami wore this really cute Gymboree dress that I bought with that gift card I won last September. She looked so pretty. The hair pony was also from there. It is about the only thing she could 100% decide on. She loves big things like that, calls them her bling, lol. I did her hair with three braids around her head & then pulled them all up into a pony tail. It looked so pretty!

Day two of school, I had the hardest time getting up today. I got Alli up a few minutes later then I wanted to, but she did ok getting ready. Cami did not want to get up, so she barely made it out the door. The fun starts!

I'm still tired from all the paperwork yesterday. This was with already doing most of the middle schools the week before school even got started. I had tons of papers to sign from every teacher stating I read the rules. Then Cam came home with a huge packet of info. Most of it was a repeat of the other, how many times do they need to know who she lives with, what language she speaks & what color she is. Unbelievable!

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Charlotte said...

Love the pictures. Happy WW!

Misty said...

they look adorable! Middle school? Wow... I'm afraid for that time of motherhood...

Kristin said...

They are so beautiful and I love her hair!

kailani said...

They both look so pretty in their back-to-school clothes! And yes, all the paperwork sure does suck.

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