Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall into Reading 2008

Directions and Information taken from Callapidder Days, click banner above to join in.

Who: Fall Into Reading 2008 is a fun challenge that is open to anyone and everyone! As long as you can read, you can participate! (It's best if you have a blog, but if you don't, feel free to participate via comments as we go along.) We've had people from around the world, and readers as young as ten participate in these reading challenges, so don't hesitate to join right in.

What: Fall Into Reading 2008 is a casual, low-pressure challenge that revolves around -- you guessed it -- reading. My goal is simply to provide you with motivation to read, and to provide an opportunity for all of us to set goals when it comes to our personal (or family) reading.

As a participant, all you'll have to do is make a list of books you want to read this fall and post that list on your blog. They can be books you intend to read on your own, books you want to read with your kids/family, Bible study books you're working through, or a combination of any of those things.

Bottom line of the challenge: We'll share our goals with each other, and then share our experience and results when the challenge is over.

When: I'm sure this will come as no surprise. Fall Into Reading 2008 will take place throughout the fall of 2008. Shocking. The official dates are September 22nd through December 20th.

Where: Here, and on particpants' blogs all over the blogosphere. I'll put up a Mr. Linky on September 22nd where everyone can submit a link to their own Fall Into Reading 2008 blog post. All I ask is that you share your goals (your list of books) in your post, and that you include a link back to the post here that contains the Mr. Linky. On December 21st, I'll put up another Mr. Linky where you can submit a link to a wrap-up post on your blog, telling everyone how you did on your goals.

Why: Because I love reading, and many of you love reading, and it's wonderful to share our love of reading with each other. Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book, and it's very cool to know that there are bloggers and blog-readers everywhere doing the same thing.

Besides, it's through challenges like these that I often (finally!) read and finish some non-fiction books. A little motivation and a little accountability go a long way for me -- and can for you too!

How: The start of Fall Into Reading 2008 is exactly two weeks away, so start thinking about your goals now. Keep a list. Make a pile. Visit the library. Talk to friends. Check under your bed and behind your nightstand for those books you intended to read (or finish) but never did. I'm sure it won't take long for you to get an idea of what you want to read this fall. Work on your post and then come back here on September 22nd, ready to submit your link!


Some other notes:

*I'm not picky. If you think you'll only have time to read two books this fall, that's okay by me. If you change your list halfway through October, that's okay too. It's the reading and sharing that count, so don't worry about getting "yelled at" -- just join us!

*Spread the word. Be sure to let your blog readers know about Fall Into Reading 2008 so that they, too, can be part of the reading craziness. Feel free to grab the button from this post or from my sidebar and use it on your blog. I'll include a code at the bottom of the post that you should be able to easily copy and paste into your sidebar.

*Visit the past. You might want to check out past reading challenges, either to get some ideas for books you want to add to your own list, or to see how participants wrote their posts. Here's a link to last year's Fall Into Reading kick-off day post. The rest can be found by exploring my left sidebar.

*A prize! Naturally, there will be a prize. I'll award a $10 gift certificate to one Fall Into Reading 2008 participant, chosen at random. To be eligible, you'll need to: post your initial Fall Into Reading 2008 post with goals (and add it to the Mr. Linky here) by midnight on September 24th AND post a wrap-up post at the end of the challenge (and add it to the wrap-up Mr. Linky that will be here) by midnight on December 23rd.

*Book giveaways! Bethany House Publishers will be sponsoring weekly book giveaways throughout the Fall Into Reading challenge. I'll be giving away one book per week, beginning Thursday, September 25th. You don't even have to be an official Fall Into Reading 2008 participant to be eligible for these giveaways. Just stop by and leave a comment to enter the drawings.

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