Saturday, September 20, 2008

I was a Saucy Blog

I want to thank The Secret is in the Sauce for having my blog as a Saucy Blog last week. I was surprised when one of my Halloween posts had a bunch of comments on it. Was like, Oh wow, people really like looking at these Halloween costumes, lol.

Then I had tons of comments saying Congrats on being Saucy. I was like what? I know what the site was, but I never submitted myself to be featured. I knew that couldn't be it. Imagine my surprise when I saw my little ol blog listed as a Saucy blog. I was with some good blogs too!

It was pretty funny though because even my spam comments linking to other Halloween stores were asking How did you get so Saucy?

Thanks again SITS! If you have never been to SITS, go check them out.

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