Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project blog tour

Raising kids can be hard. We want to teach them respect, responsibility, manner, etc. You have to try and teach that while fighting against tv, advertising, peer pressure, etc.

Liberty Mutual has stepped up to this challenge by creating The Responsibility Project - a resource that can help parents talk with their kids about personal responsibility in a meaningful way. You may remember Liberty Mutual's recent commercials based on the concept of "pay-it-forward" - someone who sees another person participating in an act of kindness and is inspired to do the same for a stranger. Liberty Mutual received an overwhelming reaction from viewers moved by this simple idea, and in response created an entire website devoted to the idea of defining and discussing this elusive but important quality. The site includes resources such as short films, discussion guides, and a blog to help families teach and talk about personal responsibility.

Growing up is one of my favorite films. What is your favorite film? Is this something you would watch with your child? While visiting the site, be sure to check out the blog. It is very good!

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