Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Qlubb Blog Tour ~ Online Calender & more

Being a mom means having a busy schedule. When they are little, there are tons of doctor appointments, visiting family, playgroups, etc. When they enter school you have all those school functions, after school activities, doctors, friends. Trying to juggle all those things plus all of your own things can get overwhelming.

Enter Qlubb.com, which makes organizing your homeroom parent meetings, playgroups or book clubs incredibly easy. Qlubb is a web-based service that helps organize your real-life groups online, providing all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group.

Accessing and using the site is incredibly easy for even the least computer-savvy members. Qlubb's secure sign-in protects group information, so only members of your group have access. However, participants don't have to individually register and can simply sign in using the group password.

Right now Qlubb is even having a back to school weekly giveaway. Create a Qlubb and you are automatically entered to win a $100 Target gift certificate.

Signing up is super easy. Just tell what type of Qlubb you want, the name for the url, a group password and your email. I made a family one. They also offer playgroup, classroom, sports, faith group, friends and club. Once you make your page, you can customize a ton of things, including putting up photos.

There is so much potential with this site. It would even be a great way for your child and friends to organize things, since it is password protected.

What do you think of this, do you have a Qlubb?

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1 comment:

bunny said...

I created a Qlubb for my daughter's Daisy girl scout troop. It is good for organizing parent volunteers.

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