Thursday, September 25, 2008

Review ~ Kids Klutter Katchers

I came across this website awhile back and fell in love with little bags called Kids Klutter Katchers.

From the website ~


Maintainable organization: Thanks to the zipper, the pieces don't fall out of the bag and mix with others when your child rummages through the toy chest.

Easy content identification: Thanks to the mesh fabric, children can see-through the bags and easily identify what's inside.

Child safety: Compared to storage alternatives like open bins or ziploc plastic bags, these zippered mesh fabric toy bags are a clear winner. Keeping small parts that are choking hazards enclosed in zippered bags rather than in open bins makes them less accessible to infants. Also, mesh bags do not pose a suffocation hazard to younger siblings and playmates like plastic or thicker fabric bags could.

Teaches responsibility: Making clean-up easy with mesh toy bags encourages child development by promoting responsibility.

Space-saving: Using a bag per multi-piece toy (rather than an inappropriately sized box) is a great space-saver in all 3 dimensions.

Time-saving: Clean up time is faster since wooden puzzles needn't be assembled before putting them away. Simply toss the puzzle-board and the pieces into a Kids Klutter Katchers bag to keep them altogether and then toss that bag into a bin with the other puzzles.

Eco-friendly: Fabric bags are a "green" alternative to plastic bags and small plastic containers.

The bags are a really nice size. They hold about the same as two 1 gallon ziploc bags. My girls each have two for there Littlest Pet Shop toys, I used another for 18" {American Girl & the like} doll shoes, another for baby doll shoes, one for baby doll bottles/food accessories, then the rest were used for other smaller toys.

What a difference it made. No more digging through all the doll buckets trying to find a matching pair of shoes or a doll bottle. No more finding LPS all over the house. The girls don't mind putting the stuff away. I can even use my youngest daughters toy box because it is easy to sort through the bags. It is a really great organizing strategy that you might want to consider using!

Visit and use coupon code 3FREEGIN at checkout to receive 3 free Kids Klutter Katchers zippered mesh fabric toy bags with the purchase of 15 or more. Expires 10/1/08

* Yes my girls are have an insane amount of doll stuff, I won't even talk about the even crazier amount of Barbie stuff though *

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CappyPrincess said...

NOW they come out with these things... LOL Where were they when I was an anal retentive, over organized mother of two toddlers trying to keep the toys sorted?

Thanks for the link - I know what to get expecting moms now!


Kathie said...

Interesting idea
Blessings from Costa Rica

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

What a great idea - thanks for the coupon code.

the sits girls said...

We love the idea of klutter katchers! Cute name too.

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