Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review ~ K'NEX Sesame Street Building Sets

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to ...

Sesame Street?

When I was little, my favorite show was Sesame Street. One time, I think I was 4, possibly 3, I missed the show. I guess when I realized it, I freaked out. My dad had to go hide in the other room, call me and pretend he was Bert & Ernie.

Both my daughters ended up liking Sesame Street as well. My oldest was more of Barney & Teletubbies fan, but she did enjoy a good episode of Sesame Street. My youngest was a huge fan though, especially of Elmo's World. She watched that over & over. If it comes on while she is flipping channels, she will still watch it. Right now she really likes Abby Cadabby and Zoey (especially the ballet dvd).

This month, K'NEX introduced a new line of Sesame Street themed building sets for kids ages 2 - 5 years. Each Sesame Street building set is filled with colorful, chunky kid K'NEX rods, connectors and blocks. They also include engaging and interactive educational content such as tips for parents and fun activity cards for kids.

K'NEX is such a great product for kids, with them partnering up with Sesame Street Workshop, kids as young as age 2 can now start playing with this great toy! The Chunky pieces are very easy to put together. They fit perfectly in little toddler & pre-schooler hands. You don't have to just build the character either, your child can get very creative with these kits.

I was sent the Bert & Ernie building kit. The pictures show some of the fun things that can be put together with just this kit alone.
This creative building set includes three educational "Play & Learn" activity cards filled with collaborative fun for parents and children. One side of the card features alternate building ideas; the other side includes build & learn activities about colors. When playtime is over, store the parts in the handy, portable storage container.

Includes 46 pieces to build Bert & Ernie, a bee, a balloon, a flower and anything else your child can imagine! My daughter is 7, so she is just a bit out of age range. She easily put the figures together. She had a ton of fun trying different combination. She quickly wanted all of the other sets as well. I have to admit, I'm having a hard time saying no, they are SO cute!

There are several different price ranges on the sets. They come in $10.99, $14.99, $21.99 and $31.99 with most of the popular characters. Something for everyone! Right now, you can also get free shipping on orders over $75.00

These sets would make a great Christmas present :)

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Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

My daughter loves building sets and Sesame Street so this'll go down a treat.

Petra said...

So cute! I will have to check these out for Christmas!

Bridget said...

Those are really cool! I think I could have fun playing with them :)

Pasifik said...

Really cool one, thanks for sharing the info!

Keep posting,


Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

Very cute. My kids love building things. I didn't know they made Sesame Street K'nex!

Nancy Murphy said...

Kid Knex are a hit for any kid that love building and creating! It is one of those toys that you can get your money's worth out of. I find the kids can play with them for a long time! They are so proud of their creations.

They also started to create a few Knex sets in pink to attrack more girls.

I highly reccomend them!!!

Coy said...

Wow!! It just fantastic stuff for kids!!

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