Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin Fans ~ Shoe Sighting + More fun

Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, was recently photographed wearing a stylish pair of red Naughty Monkey pumps. The "Double Dare" style is available in four colors (including red) at & And they say Obama is a celebrity :)

If the shoes aren't your style, then you can find some cute shirts at Cafepress. Not Politics as Usual! Get Sarah Palin Gear at CafePress.

If you are a doll or action figure fan, there are some great Sara Palin action figures! Even sexy version for the man in your life. You can even get McCain & Obama for a set :)

Sarah Palin Doll

Vote Action Figures '08

Entertainment Earth Election

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nancy said...

some people sell some really weird things.


Ginny said...

I know, don't they. I originally was just going to post about the shoes, but I found such funny stuff, I had to make a full post, lol.

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