Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fairytale Witch, Fallen Angel, Fairy, Alice in Wonderland ???

Today we went to a local health fair. The kids can dress up in their Halloween Costumes if they want. My oldest chose not to, but my youngest did. I realized that time is running out to decide if I want to dress up or not this year.

There are so many costumes that I just love. I love the cute Alice in Wonderland costumes, I love all the different fairy costumes, the Fallen Angel costumes would be pretty funny given my religious preferences, but I think a Witch suits me best. Yes, my husband would find that statement quite true, lol.

I've had both my girls be witches at least twice already. It is one costume I could buy every single year, I just love all the different witch costumes for kids and adults. I am in love with this Fairytale Witch from Halloween Adventure . It one of the few cute adult costumes, I would actually put on and not feel too funny in. I just love that crooked hat, adorable. I think I'd want some striped tights or knee socks though, I'm not a big fishnet kind of girl. I'd have to add that spider basket to complete the costume, really adds to that hat.

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