Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recipe ~ Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

For my daughters 11th birthday last month, I made her an ice cream sandwich cake. She always wants those expansive ice cream cakes, so I thought this would be a great alternative. Plus I hate baking!

They are so easy to do. You can make them several different ways. I wanted a long cake, so I used the larger cake pan. I bought 2 boxes of 12 ice cream sandwich's. I think I ended up using 20 ice cream sandwiches. The regular recipe for this size, required 19.

First you make a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then you put down a layer of cool whip & crushed oreos (or whatever you choose). Then make another layer of ice cream sandwiches. For some reason, when I did this, there was some extra room. That is why I used the 20th sandwich cut in half length wise & I stuffed along the side. Then I put another layer of cool whip. For the top I used chocolate cool whip because my oldest is a chocolate addict :) Then more crushed oreos. Then freeze for 6 hours.
She loved it! It took her awhile to figure out how I did it. Which was really funny because earlier she found the extra ice cream sandwiches & ate one. We haven't ice cream sandwiches in a really long time, so I thought for sure she'd figure it out right away.

I wasn't sure how good the chocolate cool whip would taste, but after freezing for the 6 hours, it came out really good. This would be great for summer holidays like 4th of July, etc. I have seen these with sprinkles on the top, nuts, other crushed candies. Lots of fun!

You can also use Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.

Here are a few recipes around the net ~
Kraft foods
Recipes Today
Happy 11th Birthday!!!

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tripmom827 said...

That looks totally awesome! I will definitely guve that a try sometime!!


Sassy said...

That looks so yum. :)

Lee said...

Wow. That looks easy enough that I could make it!

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

[via ICLW]

kristal said...

that looks delicious! after your wonderful comment on my blog, i had to come check you out. thanks for your visit and for introducing me to your blogs!

Kimberly said...

Last night I was watching 17 and counting or something like that.. (the show on TLC about the family with a gazillian kids) .. Anyway, they made this on the show... Looked pretty tasty!

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, love this.


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