Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Review ~ Bella Sara Trading Cards ~ Baby Bella

I discovered Bella Sara about a year ago. As soon as I saw these adorable Horse trading cards, I knew my youngest (age 6 at the time) would love them. Not only are the trading cards beautiful, but each card can be activated in the Virtual Bella Sara World.

For Christmas, I bought my daughter a box of trading cards and two boxes that contained a plush horse and a trading card pack. She had so much fun entering all her cards in, taking care of her horses, and fixing up the horses stables and cottage.

You can join Bella Sara for free. They do give you one horse to take care of plus horseshoes (their online currency). The only way to get spending money though is to enter codes, once you use up your initial free money you would have to buy some cards. You can also purchase horseshoes online for as low as $5.00. If you are unsure, I recommend letting your daughter play with the free horse and see how she likes it. I did this with my oldest and she was happy playing with just the free horse or hijacking her sisters account :)

I got a surprise package in the mail from Team Mom recently that contained some of the brand new Baby Bella foals trading cards. I was ecstatic because Cami loves this game so much. On November 6th, the website is kicking off a 10 day celebration where kids can qualify for daily prizes, print off babies birth certificate, read stories and get access to special codes and more.

Each pack of cards comes with 7 trading cards. One thing that I really enjoy with all of the Bella Sara cards is that each card/horse offers a positive, inspirational message. My daughter loves reading the messages, she will go through all her horses reading each message. It is really fun watching her because not only is she practicing her reading skills, but she is soaking up tons of positive words. The messages just make the fantasy horses that much more beautiful.

Bella, is the icon of the brand. She is a legendary horse in North of North. She will also appear as a teacher, nurturing the young foals. Adding the babies to the Bella Sara follows the recent June Launch of the Bella Sara Magical Friends card set. This recent set introduced more then 70 whimsical, lifelong companions that were paired with Bella Sara horses.

I really cannot say enough good things about Bella Sara. If you have a horse fan, these are a must have. The card packs alone, retail for $2.99. I believe last year I paid around 10.99 for the box & $13.99 for the plush/pack. The packs make a great stocking stuffer. I loved non-sport trading cards when I was younger. These have to be one of the best out there offered for girls in my opinion. You can find the entire Bella Sara collection throughout North America at Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster, Borders, Justice, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. You can also find them at regional chains, booksellers, toy, hobby and equestrian shops. I purchased mine at Meijer.

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Tes said...

I have 2 girls and they LOVE Bella Sara. I think it is great, play some games and take care of very interesting horses. We love it!

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