Monday, November 3, 2008

Mission Monday

I stumbled on a fun concept today. It is called Mission Monday and is being done by Deb and Jay on you guessed it, Mondays! They give you three blogs that you must visit, and each of those blogs has a question, which you find the answer to somewhere on their blog.

You sign Mr Linky & you have to comment on each of the 3 blogs. If your name is drawn, you are ASKED the three questions, and you need to know them to win the week's PRIZE!!

Sounds fun doesn't it. Not only are you finding new blogs, meeting new people, you also get the chance to win a Fab prize!

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Natalie said... far I'm sweating trying to figure how to do this, lol!

I'll figure it out though :)

Mrs. S said...

I'm just starting #3 and it's ok but much better with Edward. I still do like Jacob but I don't love him (just like Bella).

I've heard the Host isn't as good. But i'm sure it's just more like #2.

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