Thursday, November 6, 2008

Publishing Party & Shopping

Today Cami had her very first Publishing party at school. I love that the school does this. The kids get to go through the entire process of writing something. They have meetings with the teacher, do edits, etc. When the draft is finished, they get to type it up. Once that is approved then they get to illustrate the piece.

Every time they publish a work, they have a little party. Alli did these for 3 years & this is Cami's first year. This is the first year that parents were invited. It was really fun seeing all the kids work. My daughter wrote about a trip to the beach. It was really good, she wrote about one of our trips to the beach. I wasn't included because I didn't go in the water, lol. I thought that was pretty funny. When she told me, it seemed like ~ "Hey that is what you get when you don't swim with me." LOL

Her story started out with YIPPEE! I loved that! The kids that didn't have parents there got to read to other moms. I let another girl read to me, nice story about her getting a dog. I volunteer every week for an hour, the kids read to me every week. It is kind of fun, going in and having all the kids know me. I have never helped more then one hour a month, so this is a lot different. Plus I get to work with a lot more kids with this teachers set up.

It was a nice day. After, I made a couple CVS runs, turned in a dance fundraiser and was window shopping for Christmas ideas. I found some great deals at CVS for Dance teachers, but I didn't pick them up. Hopefully the items will still be there next time. They had some great spa kits on clearance. One was a slipper set with foot scrubs. I thought that would be a great kit for a Dance teacher since their feet are usually tore up. They also had a kit with a robe & some body sprays for a little bit more. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.

I also spent some time checking out 5.11 Tactical Pants for a friend. She wants to buy a couple pairs for her husband and never has time to shop. I think most of my Christmas shopping this year will be done online, it seems that is where the best prices are. What about you, do you do more shopping online or at retail stores?

My Christmas Guide will be posted soon, make sure to check it out. I have tons of great products and ideas for gifts. I'm breaking it up into Categories ~ Baby, Toddler, Tween Girl, Tween Boy, Women, Men, Pet, Home, Handmade, etc. If you are having problems thinking of gifts to get for a certain person, let me know & I will try to come up with a guide for that.

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