Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review ~ Canasta - Hand & Foot card game

I had the opportunity to try the new Hand and Foot Canasta from Marina Games thanks to the Family Review Network recently. I've never played any version of Canasta, so was excited to add a new game to our family time.

Canasta is a card game that is similar to, but more complex, than Rummy. In a Canasta game, players use matching cards to form melds and then play combinations of wild and matching cards to empty their hands and go out. This card game likely originated somewhere in South America before making its way to North America where it became very popular in the 1950s.

The difference in this version from other forms of Canasta are that with this game, the players are each dealt two stacks of cards – the ‘hand’ and the ‘foot’. Players can’t draw and play cards from their ‘foot’ stacks until all of the cards in their hands have been used.

The goal in Canasta Hand & Foot is to build rows and books of cards between partners. Cards have assigned values, and there are wild cards as well. Teams must create two ‘clean’ (no wilds) and two ‘dirty’ (contain at least one wild card) piles to go out.

After playing a few test rounds, we really got into the game. My 11 year old daughter is even able to play (the game is 8+) The instructions are a bit confusing, but once you play a game or two it gets easier.

With Canasta Hand & Foot retailing for $9.99 it is a great addition to family game nights, holidays & parties. Also makes a great gift, think stocking stuffers!


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