Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mom Central Holiday Gift Guide

Mom Central is at it again. They have come up with an amazing Gift Guide and Giveaways. To be eligible to win the daily prizes, participants must register on Mom Central, log-in, and leave a comment on the post. In addition, if participants tweet or email friends about the giveaway, they can earn another entry! In order to earn the entry, they simply go back to the Mom Central Review blog and leave a second comment letting us know.

You can also register at the Mom Central Testing Panel. Mom Central has been amazing to work with. They even sent me a gorgeous purple Mom Central coffee mug for Thanksgiving. It is now my favorite, I love it. Even made in USA :)

The gift guide consists of the following categories ~ Her, Him, Baby/Toddler, Kids, Tweens, Teens & Pets. It is well organized & a great resource. Go check it out & enter those contests!

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