Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No other way to end the year ...

then for me to get a VIRUS on my computer!!!!

Since 2004, every new year I keep hoping this will be the year things get better. Each year has gotten just a bit worse. 2008 has had some of the worst struggles our family has dealt with.

It is only fitting that I would get that bad Virus that totally ruins my entire computer the day before 2009. Everything is gone. I can't even restore it, the only time to restore is to the time I got the virus.

What is bad, is that I got it while downloading some digi scrap kits. Now I'm going to be scared to ever download scrapbooking products again.

I'm using my old computer, aka the kids computer right now. My dad is wiping my computer. I had all my documents backed up on Mozy. I have never needed it before, so I'm hoping it will be easy to get them back. I believe I have all my family pictures & videos backed up. Time will only tell though.

Honestly it of course isn't the worst thing that couldn't have happened. We just have a lot going on & didn't need this. I had planned on doing a fun post today with New Year links, etc.

In other news ~

I think I'm going to revamp my blogs. I'm thinking of turning this blog into my review & giveaway blog. Making my scrapbook blog for all things crafty. It was originally just for MY things, but I think I will be doing my link round ups, etc for holidays & crafts there. I'm not sure the direction I want to take my debt blog yet.

I have been debating starting a brand new blog for daily life & regular blog posts. I think I am going to just turn my photo blog into that though. Oh & my book blog, hoping to get more regular on that blog as well.

I hope you will stick around for the new year & subscribe to my other blogs as well!

Take care & Happy New Year! I've enjoyed meeting so many awesome bloggers this past year & hope to continue those friendships. Hoping to meet many more! Please stay in touch this year.

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Jennifer said...

I am so sorry your computer is infected with a virus. I hope 2009 is a much better year and I look forward to what your blogs bring.

Brooke Lorren said...

What rotten luck! I know what you mean by things seeming to get worse every year. Our income has gone from $80k to $13k annually, and last year we had a house fire too.

I hope things do get better for you though.

Tranquility said...

Well, at least the computer died while still in 2008... now you can start 2009 on a fresh new note rather than always remembering that the new year STARTED with a virus! ;)

Do you know which site the virus came from? I'd like to avoid it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm sure 2009 will be fantastic!

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