Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parents Look-at-Me Camera

If you are looking for a great present for a toddler, Parents has done it again. They just released the Look-at-me camera for 12 months and up. The camera is sold exclusively at Target for only $9.99!

The look-at-me camera is made to simulate a real camera, it encourages imaginative play as little ones can push the buttons that makes real shutter noises or play pretend paparazzi with “runway” music. The fish eye lens in the front allows the child to see a mirrored image of themselves as they “take photos”. I know my girls always wanted to play with my camera, so having a pretend camera is the perfect solution. The fish eye lens in the front is a lot of fun for little ones as well!

Thanks to Team Mom for partnering with Parents for this fun review!

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