Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review ~ Bender Ball Exercise Program

I've never had to worry much about weight or exercising. I was always on the small side, always underweight. Even after my first daughter, and my second I went right back to a size 3. I don't know what happened, but a few years ago I gained some weight. Technically it brought me to average, but the problem was ... It was literally ALL in my stomach. The weight gain wasn't much to most, but when you pool it all in one area of your body it sucks!

When I was given the chance to review an exercise routine, I immediately requested the Bender Ball program from the choices. This program was developed by master trainer Leslee Bender. It works better then regular crunches because not only can you go forward, but you can go backward as well. This gives you more range of workout.

Upper, Side & Lower Abs

I didn't realize the price until I went to write this review. The Bender ball is only $12.98 (dvd) + shipping. This is seriously a fabulous deal! The dvd is really great. You have options for watching it with instructions or with not. The first time I watched with instructions, and then after that I didn't need to anymore. The workout is amazing. You will seriously hurt after it, but it is a good hurt! There is a core workout and a workout for butt/thighs. I focus on the core workout since that is my only problem, but I also like the butt/thigh. Might as well keep that area firm, right?

The instructions are so easy to follow along with. The Bender Ball itself is great. You really do get a lot of range with it and it isn't really big. I have one of the larger exercise balls, and I hardly use it. It is such a pain to pull out. The Bender Ball is also comfortable to use. It was so much easier on my back, then trying to lay down and do crunches. Another thing I like about the workout ~ there are simple stretches after each set. This makes your stomach muscles feel so muh better let me tell you.

I really can't recommend this program enough. The only down side to it, my kids keep taking the ball. When I went to use it yesterday, I couldn't find it. I've tried asking my 7 year old where it is, she just smiled and changed the subject. I'm going to have scour the house to figure out what she did with it becaus I am missing my workout. Never thought I'd say that, lol.

There is a full line of videos and products, check them out here. Be sure to check out the Family Review Network, there were 3 different exercise products being reviewed by us. The other two looked fabulous, so keep an eye out for those reviews.

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Amanda K said...

I saw this on TV and thought it looked fun (in a working sort of way) so I am glad you did a post about it and shared your outcome... I am inspired!!

jenny said...

i just got one the other day here for my little ones dad i tryed it out but well i could olny get my self to do 15 sit ups and i dear not try to do the lower bender ball exercise i may end up poping the ball lol its's realy cool thing to use i yet have to see the video's that came with the ball :)

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