Monday, December 8, 2008

Review ~ A Month of Meals

One thing I have really been working hard on is cutting our food budget down. I have been trying to watch sales, use coupons, etc. I've got it down for health/beauty items, but I struggle with the food. I think it is from not planning my dinners, etc.

When Family Review Network asked if I was interested in trying out A Month of Meals, I jumped at the chance. Here is my answer to my dinner problem! So, what is A Month of Meals. Well it is an e-book that you can download instantly. Love that, no waiting, no paper waste, no shipping waste. From the website, this is what you get ~

In A Month of Meals, you receive…

Meals – a month of easy to fix and healthy meals your whole family will enjoy. Using the premise that we need more vegetables and whole grains, you end up saving money and there are great health benefits!

Recipes – quick and easy recipes put into a weekly schedule. There are even 6 meals that you can make ahead of time to freeze for your extra busy days when you don’t want to think about cooking at all!

Ingredients & Shopping Lists – these will make going to the grocery store a breeze (maybe even a fun trip)!

Plus, there are some extras to this eBook!
  • Ready to print out recipe cards! This makes the preparation even more at your fingertips! You will know exactly what you have in your fridge and exactly how to make it – simple as that!
  • Helpful tips – having trouble getting your child to eat, don’t know simple ways to live a healthier life-style, not sticking to your budget? This eBook gives great simple tips to help you live simpler, eat healthier, and shop with less money!
  • Simple ways to be healthy and choose healthier options
  • A list of staples to have on hand – this can save you many unnecessary trips to the store
  • Tips to having a meal plan and how it can save you a lot of money in the long run
  • Great tasting and healthy side options
  • The average price of items in most locations, how they very depending on where you live, and how to compare prices
  • A better example of a food pyramid that focuses on healing foods
  • Links connecting you to information on gardening, finding your ideal weight, and more

This ebook, is a huge 71 pages with 11 chapters! It is full to the brim with information, tips, meal ideas, recipes, how to shop with price breakdowns, staples to keep in the house, food pyramid, info on feeding the hungry, website resources and recipe cards.

This book is amazing. Not only will you save money on your groceries by implementing these ideas, you will also be eating healthy. You can't go wrong with that combo.

The e-book is $19.95 and it comes with an 8 week guarantee. Let me know if you have tried this ebook yourself and what you think.


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Doll Clothes Gal said...

This sounds like a great site - thanks for the tips.

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