Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Surefire Flashlights

If you are looking for the best flashlight in the world, you have to check out Surefire. These are the best in the world. They are used in the F.B.I., DEA, CIA, Military, Law Enforcement , Fire & Rescue .. They are even used in popular movies and tv shows, including CSI!

There are many models to choose from at different prices. The pricing can go from $36 a flashlight all the way up to $6000.00 a flashlight. All models run on lithium or lithium specialty batteries which is the highest output battery device that any flashlight can possibly use. Regular battery flashlights can never compete with a lithium device no matter how technologically advanced they are. All models are virtually indestructible with hard anodized type III aerospace aluminum bodies. There are different variances in lamps which range from Xenon, LED & Incandescent Lamps. There are also self defense flashlights with serrated teeth on the ends when used in combat

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