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I've been wanting an Internet Password Organizer for awhile now, but I do not have the $19.99 to spend at the time. I tried getting a spiral bound journal & making my own. However, it turned into a big mess. It took just as long flipping pages as it did looking up my password in my email, etc.

Then I realized that like my coupons, I could store my passwords alphabetical. I had a pink index card box. Mine isn't as fancy at the one above, but it was a buck :) I actually want to get the one above because it locks, way better! Then I picked up a pack of alphabet dividers & index cards. That is it, for $3 bucks or less, I have a password organizer.

I also like that with the index cards, there is tons of room for notes. I can jot down notes, etc.

That is what works for me!

You can pick up the black 3 x 5 index box at amazon for $10.99 shipped ~ Vaultz 3x5 Index Box Black (VZ01169)

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Susan said…
That's a good idea; I love the idea of index card too. Thanks!
Zen Ventures said…
I've also been thinking of getting some sort of password keeper because of the so many password we have- it's just crazy! I sometimes mix up my personal password with my office PC passwords- ack! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, sorry it took me this long to visit you back :)
Dot said…
I thought up this idea several years ago and submitted it to and it was published. You mean I could have made money off it?! LOL

I bought a cheapo clear index box from Walmart and used index card dividers I already had. I actually have 2 sets in one for addresses and phone numbers and the other for internet addresses and passwords.
Krisi and Adam said…
I love index cards. I started a list in excel a LONG time ago with passwords - it has the sites name, user id (back 10 years ago they picked your user id), password and any notes. They are sorted alphabetically by the site. I can also search them. It works for me!

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