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Pay Per Play

First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on an advertisement.

Now there is "Pay Per Play" advertising that will pay you on 100% of your website traffic... NO CLICKS NECESSARY!

Pay Per Play caters to an audience that is larger than radio, television and print media combined!

Billions of dollars are being spent by big brand advertisers and they are ready to pay you. Will you claim your share of the pie?

Or will you let someone else have it?

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Layout & some Links

I actually scrapped a layout, it has been soooo long! I have been wanting to do these pics of Cam since I got them {years ago, lol} Used Cherry Arte paper, MM chipboard letters & some blue pigment ink. Very simple, easy & quick ~ feels good :)

I have found some good posts lately that I wanted to share ~

Poison Plastic - Green Speak and Eco Friendly
Skip This One if You've Got an Elephant Bumper Sticker on the SUV

Fresh Prince Scrapbooking Parody


Today my youngest stayed home sick. This is her first absence all year, so she was bummed. She had that gooky nose though, figured I'd better get her in the dr. I called first thing & couldn't get in until 4:15! One of the doctors called in sick as well. I thought she had a sinus infection, but the dr said he couldn't tell {what} She did end up having a double ear infection. Cam said but mom my ear doesn't hurt. She has an extreme tolerance for ear pain. The last time she complained about her ear hurting, I took her right in. The doctor said it was so bad, we were lucky her eardrum didn't burst. She ended up needing 2 rounds of antibiotics. The same thing happened the time before. Crazy that it doesn't hurt until it gets bad. Lucky for her, but hard to judge for me.

35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion

I am so thankful that Women have had the right to choose for 35 years now. I hope we have at the very very least another 35 years!

I feel so strongly on this issue, that I do not think I can put the words down on how I feel. I have seen posts all day today talking about silent walks for all the dead babies, etc & felt I should post for the other side. Women should have the say, not the government. I know it is a terrible thing & I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I personally do not see myself ever having an abortion, but I feel that I should always be able to make that choice. I do not know what my life will be like in the future, and I deserve the freedom to make a choice. My daughters deserve that freedom to make a choice.

I also think that some people do have accidents, that they are not meant to have children. They know that & do what is needed. What is worse, having an abortion at 8 weeks or giving birth an unwanted child or worse to a crack baby? That ba…

Unconscious Mutterings

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Sunday Salon


5 Minutes for Mom Giveaway ~ MP3 Player

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