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Precious Moments Giveaway

I received my first Precious Moments for my first Christmas. It was a little girl in a stocking, says Baby's first Christmas 1978. My grandma has a huge collection of Precious Moments, so this was a common gift growing up.

Now the Precious Moments company has made a website just for moms called Precious Moms. The site is chock full of information. My favorite feature is the Precious Party Package. This section is to help you with all your birthday planning needs. It will assist you with themes, invitations, checklists, thank you notes, and everything in between. Whether it’s an intimate celebration of immediate family members or a huge school function, the Precious Party Package will help make your planning tasks a little easier.

The Precious Moms site isn't just about birthdays or even just about the Precious Moments figures. It also offers great advice in celebrating other special moments like graduation, first communion, slumber parties, baby showers, and much more! The…

NOODLEBORO Learning to Share Fun Park Game

Thanks to Mom Central & Hasbro, we were able to test out one of the new Noodleboro games by Hasbro. We were sent ~ Learning to Share Fun Park Game.

Features from the website ~

Helping preschoolers learn about social skills just got a little bit easier and a lot more fun! NOODLEBORO games let you nurture kids’ social skills naturally through multi-sensory play that leaves everyone laughing!

Each NOODLEBORO game comes with a storybook and an audio CD so kids can see, hear, play and then live each NOODLEBORO life lesson. Meet the NOODLEBORO kids and reinforce listening with songs, stories and tips found in the companion book and CD. Game for playtime!Come one, come all to the Park – a place filled with midway games and carnival fun. In this game, kids play together to collect as many sharing stars as they can before the park closes. It’s all about having fun and helping friends by sharing. Book for storytime! The Fun Park is in town and Curtis has his heart set on winning a special p…

McCain picks his VP ~ Sarah Palin

Well I blogged about Obama making his pick, so why not blog about McCain. The day after I posted that, I actually had a subscriber leave because I was offensive. I got a kick out of that.

I was at the hospital today waiting for my mom to get a test done when McCain was making his announcement. I couldn't believe how many people started gathering around the tv. Not only people waiting for a patient like I was, but workers as well. It was kind of interesting to hear what other people thought about it. Most were not happy (they were all republican & only one guy was happy with vp choice). One lady stormed off & said "We might as well just give it to Obama right now" Another lady kept on saying, I don't know her, nobody knows her. Then a man was telling us all about her, he seemed quite happy with the choice.

The women that kept saying nobody knew her, said it was a good way to get the Hillary voters. I sure hope that isn't true. Being a Hillary sup…

Declutter Challenge Week #3

Day 23 ~ This skirt that fits my dd funny

Day 24 ~ My daughters backpack from last year

Day 25 ~ Barbie that my youngest broke her head off & tried hiding from me

Day 26 ~ a bag of stuffed animals

Day 27 ~ 2 tote bags that were older & needed to go

Day 28 ~ A bunch of earrings with no matches, haven't found them yet, probably never will

Day 29 ~ Photo album that wasn't in good shape

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Having fun writing Checks with Carousel Checks

Let's be honest, check writing is not fun. When you write a check, that means that money is leaving your wallet. It makes it worse when you are using the standard bank checks, talk about boring. That is when Carousel Checks steps in makes writing checks a bit more fun. Plus it does not cost much which is always a bonus in my book.

You can Order Checks for your personal or business needs and get exactly what you want at a an affordable price. Carousel Checks offers a large selection of laser and business checks, deposit tickets, checkbook covers, address labels, self-inking stamps and personal checks in single or duplicate styles with a ton of design options. There are over 125 choices in personal checks with many designs starting at only $3.89 a box for single checks. They also offer 7 designs of checks at only $2.89 a box for a half order of checks. I thought that was pretty cool since many people use online bill pay for the majority of their check writing.

Even if all that…

School Updates ~ Orientations & such

Last week Alli took a getting ready for middle school class. It was a really nice introduction to the school. It is a newer school & set up really funky. She got familiar with it & now knows her way pretty good. Plus they got tons of time to practice the dreaded locker combination! I'm so glad I decided to put her in the class.

Monday was orientation. She got her school pics done & her student id. It came out really nice, so I'm glad I came up with some cash to order a package. I spoke with the school and they are letting me pay the book deposit late. Which worked out because I didn't have enough & I really wanted a copy of the picture. Even if I didn't do the picture, I wouldn't have had enough, so I guess it worked out. Her schedule is pretty good, we walked the route. Her first 10 weeks will be crazy because she has to go to one side, then to another side & then back to the middle. The last half of the day is all right in the sam…

It is getting to be Halloween Costume Time!

When I was little Christmas was of course my favorite holiday, but now that I am adult ~ Halloween is my favorite time of year. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, so it just makes sense for Halloween to be a favorite holiday. It is becoming more popular, so you can start decorating earlier. I just love all the scary decorations.

Plus it is fun, who doesn't love dressing up? Especially when you are an adult, this is one time of year to let loose, dress up in a costume & just have fun. Without the stress of buying presents, it is so easy to enjoy Halloween! I've been browsing around Costume Cauldron today trying to decide what costumes to get myself, hubby and the girls this year.

I think this year I want to dress up as a fairy. I love the Midnight velvet fairy costume. I tried getting my oldest daughter to get the child version last year but she ended up finding a genie costume at the dance studio she wanted. It was being sold for only $8, so who coul…

Salba Smart’s 100-calorie Bite Size Organic Tortilla Chips

It is back to school time, part of that includes providing snacks for your kids. I don't know about your school, but our school district allows a small snack to be brought in for a snack time that is between morning & lunch. If your school doesn't do this, then there is still lunch snacks to think about. One of my struggles is sending things that my kids enjoy, that are still healthy for them. There is a brand new snack out there that fits the bill, Salba Smart’s 100-calorie Bite Size Organic Tortilla Chips.

We were sent a big box of these snack packs recently. My daughters both really like them & have been begging to eat them. Always a good sign, especially with my oldest who has a major sweet tooth. I hate a bag and they are super good. They would be amazing with some salsa for home! My brother even snatched a bag and liked them, he is the fast food King, so a good sign of quality product.

The best part of these chips is the Omega-3 which has tons of great qua…

Save 10% on Couponizer + Free book limited supply

You might remember my review of the Couponizer, I'm still using it & love it. Right now there is a sale going on! Get a 10% off discount to the entire order. Expires 10/15/08

To apply the code, simply enter it in the coupon code box on the online order form or mention it when ordering by phone.

Plus with each Couponizer order comes a copy of the book "Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom" by Stephanie Nelson, an $18 value for FREE, while supplies last.

I also have the Giftionizer & really like that as well, so check it out at the site!

If you need help getting really cool info on coupons and deals of your own to fill your couponizer with, then visit The Coupon Coup!

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Sunny's Adventures ~ Children's Mystery Book

My favorite books are mysteries, so I find myself always buying kid mystery books for my girls as well. Sunny's Adventures by Leketha Marie Johnson is a really fun mystery book for kids. It is geared towards ages 9 - 12 since it is a chapter book. I did read it to my 7 year old. She had a ton of fun helping Sunny solve the mysteries.

Sunny's Adventures takes readers through 5 different mysteries. The cases include the case of the lost puppy, the disappearance of a diamond ring, a missing pie, a missing doll and a stolen turtle mascot. Each chapter has a break down of clues that Sunny used to solve each mystery. This is great for reading comprehension and to help promote thinking skills. My daughters favorite was the missing doll since they both love dolls.

This book doesn't get old either, Cami has asked me to read it to her several times already since arriving in the mail. Sunny is a very likable character that is bright and not afraid to show her smarts. Anothe…