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My Baby Girl My Baby Boy for Nintendo DS

SouthPeak Games will introduce the 21st century baby doll with the new My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy series for NintendoDS. The new baby doll is designed to allow children to nurture, engage and raise their baby at their own pace with their own sensitivities, instincts and style. How they raise and relate to their baby will be their very own personal experience.

Players begin by choosing a name, ethnicity and eye-color for their baby. From baby's first smile, to her first steps players learn how to help their baby grow physically and emotionally. Along the way, players get help from a pediatrician who offers advice on caring for the baby. From how to change a diaper to how to hold a bottle, children learn all the ways they can keep their baby healthy and grow. As the baby meets certain developmental milestones, new age appropriate activities get unlocked.

My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy are suitable for children ages three years and older and will be available starting November 10, 2008…

Fairytale Witch, Fallen Angel, Fairy, Alice in Wonderland ???

Today we went to a local health fair. The kids can dress up in their Halloween Costumes if they want. My oldest chose not to, but my youngest did. I realized that time is running out to decide if I want to dress up or not this year.

There are so many costumes that I just love. I love the cute Alice in Wonderland costumes, I love all the different fairy costumes, the Fallen Angel costumes would be pretty funny given my religious preferences, but I think a Witch suits me best. Yes, my husband would find that statement quite true, lol.

I've had both my girls be witches at least twice already. It is one costume I could buy every single year, I just love all the different witch costumes for kids and adults. I am in love with this Fairytale Witch from Halloween Adventure . It one of the few cute adult costumes, I would actually put on and not feel too funny in. I just love that crooked hat, adorable. I think I'd want some striped tights or knee socks though, I'm not a bi…

Review ~ Bethesda Sunscreen Soap

One of my fears is skin cancer. I have always tried being cautious with skin care, staying out of the sun, using sunscreen, etc. It can be very easy to forget the sunscreen though, especially if you are in a rush. When the Family Review Network, offered an opportunity to try Bethesda Sunscreen Soap, I happily asked for a spot.

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is the Worlds first all natural sunscreen body bar. It nourishes the body with vitamins and protects it as well. Just wash with this soap like normal in the shower or bath. It provides an invisible layer of sun protection. That means you are getting a minimum of SPF 10 to help protect against UV rays just by taking a shower like normal! It not only has protection from the sun though, it also has 50+ vitamins and minerals to help support healthy skin.

This soap utilizes four key-ingredients that they call the Power Four ~

Aloe Vera Gel ~ anti-inflammatory/immunity booster
Chlorophyll ~ cleanses/deodarizes
Healing Balm of Gilead ~ soothe…

The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica

I was sent this great book a few months ago, The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica.

My girls instantly read through this book. The colors are so beautiful, you just have to pick it up and read. They actually took it outside to read it a bit more, and a bunch of their friends started reading it as well. One of their friends liked it so much, she took it home! We actually just got the book back, lol. Luckily the girl was very good with the book and it is still in perfect condition. You can learn some great facts about Costa Rica on the website.

Lilly P. Badilly is a little millipede with a brilliant mind and an exceptional talent for playing the piano. She lives in a teeny, tiny hole in the wall in the Miami International Airport with her grandparents, Nellie O. Badilly and Willie Z. Badilly. Together they embark on a most unique, and sometimes hilarious, travel adventure deep into the fertile rain forest of Costa Rica. It is there that Lilly is forced to face her …

Blog Action Day 2008 ~ Poverty

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

What is Poverty then? Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not having access to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job, is fear for the future, living one day at a time. Poverty is losing a child to illness brought about by unclean water. Poverty is powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom.

This issue means a lot to me, mainly because my family technically lives under the financial poverty guidelines. I try not to talk about it, but unfortunately we do. My husband struggles to find work, going weeks sometimes months without a job. When I had my second daughter I made the mistake of quitting work. Now I cannot find another job. I do things from home t…

Spin Master Kid Kleen & Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle Mat

Thanks to Team Mom, my daughter got to test out two really cool products recently. We were sent the Kid Kleen Bubble Machine and an Aquadoodle mat.

My daughter was ecstatic when she saw the bubble machine. It is a compact bath bubble-maker that makes a waterfall of soapy bubbles. You just hang it on the side of the tub, turn the knob and watch the mountain of bubbles come spilling into the tub.

The Spinmaster machine does take 4 C batteries. We've only used it twice so far, so not sure how long the batteries will last. It does come with a small bottle of bubbles, that seems like it will last quite awhile. You only need a small cap full and that will last at least 2 baths. We have found that in order to keep the bubbles going, you do need it running the entire time. The bubbles didn't last much longer once we turned of the machine. However, they did last a lot longer and were much more fun compared to ordinary bubbles in the tub!

The Spin Master Kid Kleen Bubble Machine r…

The Secret is in the Sauce

Have you heard about The Secret is in The Sauce (SITS) yet? If not you are really missing out. It is a wonderful blog that helps spread the blog love by showing off blogs & encouraging us all the comment on other SITS blogs. Not only do you get traffic, comments & find tons of new blogs, they also hold weekly contests!

Monday through Thursday, we get to visit a new blog, the featured blog of the day. Every Sunday, they link up around 5 blogs to be the Saucy blogs of the week. On Fridays & Saturdays, they spotlight a great blog & on Sunday we get to see great blogs with contests! It is such a great concept & very easy to get going with them.

5 Blogs I have found through SITS are ~

Cherry's JubileeShe Does HairThe Painted HouseIn the mind of a thirty something momTrash CanI have some contest going on, enter while you are here if you are new to my blog! You can find them linked up on the right :)
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Ankle & Gym Woes

My daughter is a drama queen! She has loved wearing aced bandages ever since she was very young. There was always some kind of ankle problem, wrist problem, a cut on her knee, etc. A couple years ago in dance, she started bugging me to wear ace bandages to class. Usually it followed another dancer getting hurt. She never stopped her activities & usually only complained when it came time to, you know do homework or pick up her clothes.

This year though, she is 6th grade with daily gym class. Her gym class does a lot of running. Now if they stop running to walk, they lose points which will lower their grade. It is supposed to be on Fridays only, but it has been averaging at least twice a week of this non-stop running. My daughter has been coming home in major pain over it. I finally took her to the doctor for her ankle. Her pediatrician had her stay off it for one week to rest it. Took x-rays & said if it starts hurting again I have to go to a Orthopedic doctor.

Build a Bear Hannah Montana Bear + Giveaway

We were sent a Build a Bear Hannah Montana Bear recently. My daughter just adores it, the bear is so cute. The bears start at $22 and up depending on clothes/accessories. Each bear comes with a necklace. Seriously, this is the cutest bear! There is even a Flickr group to upload your pictures to!
Build a Bear was kind enough to also give me a $25 gift card to giveaway to one of my blog readers. Just go to Build a Bear & tell me a bear you like. Contest will end on October 31st.

Extra Entries ~

Blog about this contestSubscribe to my blog (or any of my other blogs)Follow this blog (or one of my others)Stumble this blog or one of my other blogsJoin CoolSavings and Print Real Coupons through this link & come back & tell meContest is Closed, thanks for all the entries!
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