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Win ~ Bratz Kidz for Wii

Congrats to Helen!

I have to be honest, I'm jealous of this giveaway. My daughters both love Bratz.
Join your favorite Bratz Kidz characters for a sleepover themed party game filled with all the fun and excitement of a late night slumber party - no boys allowed!Yasmin is hosting a sleepover for all of her girlfriends - but the party can’t start without you! Customize you favorite Bratz Kidz characters and their individual bedrooms in a series of fun mini games. You can also bake a delicious cake for your girlfriends, take stylish photos, and much more!Select, customize and play with your favorite Bratz Kidz. Jade is respectful, Sasha is dynamic, Yasmin is self-confident and Cloe is sweet – of course they're all spunky, adventurous and cool. The game stimulates the player's creativity and imagination with a focus on fun, fashion and glamour! The kidz with a passion for fun are waiting for you to arrive…
Key Features & Highlights13 brilliant mini-games and activi…

Christmas Gift Guide ~ Girls

Here are some fun gift ideas for all the girls on your shopping list.

Kids will entertain themselves during the drive with this self-contained playset. To store, simply close them up and put them in your car's cupholder! Perfect for travel.
Car Go Barbie Fairytopia*

Put innovative creativity and fun at your kids' fingertips -- and watch them learn in the process -- with the The LeapFrog® Leapster® 2 Learning Game System - Pink. This battery-operated handheld game system goes where your children go, and brings plenty of learning fun along. It comes with two pre-installed educational games, and many more are available: purchase an optional SD card separately for access to additional online games and to take advantage of other online features; or you can purchase game cartridges to add to your Leapster 2 repository. The included games have skill levels suitable for children ages 4 to 8.

Good Morning, it's Breakfast Time! Time to prepare a nutritious pretend play breakfast meal!…

Polliwalks Review & Giveaway

Once upon a time,
children's shoes were taking themselves a bit too seriously,
and feet were not having any fun.
Then one day, a new brand named Polliwalks™ was created.
Polliwalks™ brought fun back to children's feet. All the children loved their Polliwalks™.
They took them home, quickly became best friends, and lived happily every after.
When was the last time a shoe looked you in the eye and made you smile?
Feet have never had so much fun!
Go on, go outside and play!
I was sent a pair of those adorable bubblegum kitty Polliwalks shoes and a brand new style, the Firefly to review. Cami absolutely adores the Kitty Polliwalks! Since we have been getting snow in Michigan already, she hasn't worn them outside yet. Since they haven't been outside, she has been wearing them every single day in the house. She has even worn them to bed a few nights, lol. She says they are warm, comfortable and so cute. She named them, but I can't remember her kitties name right now.

The …

Girls Gift Idea ~ Jakks Pacific Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker

JAKKS Pacific, Inc.has recently introduced an innovation into the food play category with the Girl Gourmet™ line of fun and fashionable bakeware, led by the ground-breaking CupcakeMaker and homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Maker other accessories made especially for young bakers. Cupcakes are a hot trend sweeping the nation and now kid chefs can whip up delicious homemade cupcakes and other goodies at home in all the yummiest and trendiest flavors. Perfect timing for kids to learn about giving precious holiday treats that they actually baked themselves.

We received the Jakks Pacific Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker to review. The standard package comes with 4 flavors to make ~ Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and cinnamon sugar. You can also buy refill kits. The cupcake maker is ready to go right out of the box which is nice. The mixes only use water to make & a microwave. They are also wheat free.

Just mix the cake mix with water using the provided measuring spoons and water dropper …

Mom Central Holiday Gift Guide

Mom Central is at it again. They have come up with an amazing Gift Guide and Giveaways. To be eligible to win the daily prizes, participants must register on Mom Central, log-in, and leave a comment on the post. In addition, if participants tweet or email friends about the giveaway, they can earn another entry! In order to earn the entry, they simply go back to the Mom Central Review blog and leave a second comment letting us know.

You can also register at the Mom Central Testing Panel. Mom Central has been amazing to work with. They even sent me a gorgeous purple Mom Central coffee mug for Thanksgiving. It is now my favorite, I love it. Even made in USA :)

The gift guide consists of the following categories ~ Her, Him, Baby/Toddler, Kids, Tweens, Teens & Pets. It is well organized & a great resource. Go check it out & enter those contests!
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Book Review ~ A Jolly Good Fellow

Do you love to read, do you love Christmas? If so, I have a great book recommendation for you! A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW by Stephen V. Masse.

Two weeks before Christmas, Duncan Wagner gets into his car
for another attempt at kidnapping the son of his most despised enemy,
State Representative Win Booker. When he drives into the wealthy Boston suburb, he is surprised to find the boy hitchhiking. So begins Wagner’s quest for revenge as he finds himself face to face with a real boy, and without a clue about how to run a kidnapping. Wagner, a self-styled charity Santa Claus, comes to realize that eleven year old Gabriel Booker is truly a runaway, much more curious than scared. Gabriel has no idea who Duncan Wagner is—or could be.
This book is really good. It is a touching story about a lonely man and a child. The way the book is written, it really pulls you in. You want to find out what Duncan is going to do next. Why does he want to kidnap this boy? Why did Gabriel just get in th…