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Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures

Pirates have become so popular, and they don't seem to be fading. I had the chance to read Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures thanks to the Family Review Network.

An evil force is destroying the natural wonders of Nui Island, and it’s up to three new friends to solve the mystery. When Big B is dragged from his comfortable life and close friends in Chicago by his grandfather’s mysterious affliction, he’s sure he’s going to have the worst summer ever. But soon after arriving in the tropical paradise of Nui Island, he is caught in a web of danger and intrigue. The Maemae reef is dying, his grandfather’s brilliant mind has been infected and creepy Island legends are coming to life. Big B and his new friends, Sam and Nalu, rely on wit, courage and strength to unravel Nui’s ancient mysteries. What they uncover will help them save the Island, restore his grandfather’s soul, and break the curse of the Bone Pirates. With a captivating plot, fascinating characters …

Happy New Year + Fabulous!!!

Well I'm back with a totally wiped out computer. I guess it is good because my hard drive was full. Now it is blank & I can fill it up again (and be more careful!)

Playing catch up yet again, never really fully caught up from Cam being sick. Oh well, what can you do.

Upon reading some emails, I found out that I got the amazing "Your blog is Fabulous!" award from Lisa @ Mommying On The Fly

Thank you so much, what a great thing to come back to! Please be sure to subscribe to my new Daily blog, Mom of 2 Dancers. I still have to work on it, but that is the addy. This will be mainly my review blog & giveaway blog from now on.

Ok now~ To claim it, there are a few rules. I have to admit my 5 addictions and then pass it onto another 5 blogs…

Hello, My name is Ginny and I am addicted to…

ChocolateReadingMy camera (especially taking pictures of my girly girls)
Scrapbooking/CraftingBloggingNow I am passing it to...

Margarita MamaThe Ramblings of a Crazy WomanThe McIllece Spo…

No other way to end the year ...

then for me to get a VIRUS on my computer!!!!

Since 2004, every new year I keep hoping this will be the year things get better. Each year has gotten just a bit worse. 2008 has had some of the worst struggles our family has dealt with.

It is only fitting that I would get that bad Virus that totally ruins my entire computer the day before 2009. Everything is gone. I can't even restore it, the only time to restore is to the time I got the virus.

What is bad, is that I got it while downloading some digi scrap kits. Now I'm going to be scared to ever download scrapbooking products again.

I'm using my old computer, aka the kids computer right now. My dad is wiping my computer. I had all my documents backed up on Mozy. I have never needed it before, so I'm hoping it will be easy to get them back. I believe I have all my family pictures & videos backed up. Time will only tell though.

Honestly it of course isn't the worst thing that couldn't have happened. We…

Prescribe The Nation: Vaseline Clinical Therapy 3

When you visit, you’ll see who Petal “prescribed” and how the chain has spread throughout Kodiak in webisode features. While you are there, take advantage of the Prescribe the Nation Sweepstakes, where you can win an 8-day Alaska adventure for four! Plus, five lucky people will win 2 $100 Spafinders gift certificates weekly! The first 45,000 to enter will receive TWO FREE SAMPLES of Vaseline® Clinical Therapy™ lotion to share with someone they love. Users can also prescribe to a friend via email “postcard”. No holiday is complete without an e-card these days.

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Review ~ Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush

Ultreo® is the first power toothbrush to combine patented ultrasound waveguide technology with precisely tuned sonic bristle action. Ultreo's bristles create microbubbles that are powerfully activated by ultrasound energy channeled through a patented ultrasound waveguide. The result is a gentle brushing experience and a deep, long-lasting feeling of clean.
A whole new way to brush.

Unlike traditional sonic units that only use audible frequencies of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush uses a tuned sonic / ultrasonic (over 20,000Hz) combo to offer more power without compromising the user's veneers, bridges, or general safety. There's a programmable replacement indicator that prompts a brush head switch-out every 3 months.

Brushing with Ultreo is unlike any other toothbrush. Here are some useful tips to help make the most of your Ultreo experience.

* As ultrasound requires a fluid medium to perform effectively, try to keep as much fluid around the bristles as possible …

Fun Personalized Gift or Favor ~ M&M's

Do you struggle with unique ideas for gifts or party favors. M & M's has stepped up and given us the solution! You can now get personalized M & M's for any occasion.

Simply visit and pick your colors, messages, and upload your photos, making your order special for all occasions. Imagine how much Grandma would love her grandchild's face on her birthday M&M'S, or how great the bride and groom would look on their wedding favors! The site also offers dozens of gift options to accompany the MY M&M'S, such as candy dispensers, decorative tins, and MLB-themed containers. And new this year, MY M&M'S has even teamed up with Martha Stewart for ideas to make personalized gifts even more special. Each of Martha's MY M&M'S personalized gift options provide easy step-by-step instructions.

With Cami being sick, Ididn't get my order submitted in time for Christmas delivery. My personalized M & M's should be here this week…