Thursday, January 8, 2009

Magical Cartoon Portraits

I was lucky enough to win an amazing prize from Magical Cartoon Portraits right before Christmas time over at The Lil' Peanut Patch.

Magical Cartoon Portraits turns any photo into a cartoon. The process is so easy, just upload/email a photo, and your child is magically turned into a cartoon. Since my girls both love dance, I decided to make them into cartoon ballerinas.

I got to work with Francois, and he was absolutely amazing. He kept in constant communication the entire process. I got to ok the product before making the final print. After my ok, I quickly received two gorgeous hand drawn cartoons of my girls. I decided to save them for Christmas, so I went bought frames & then put them under the tree on Christmas Eve. The girls just loved them & both have them hanging up there bedrooms now.

Not only is this a fun thing to do, but Magical Cartoon Portraits really makes kids heroes. With every print ordered, they donate money to charities. Since this company is so amazing, here is some information directly from their site for you to read ~

Every child dreams to become a hero or real-life princess. And we believe that in every child's heart lies a hero or a princess waiting to come out.

This is what "Lil' Toon Heroes" is striving to achieve: To make children realize the hero or princess they truly are.

The goal of "Lil' Toon Heroes" is, through the art of cartooning and animation, to portray children as the hero they truly are. A Lil' Toon Hero Portrait is not only an uncanny version of what the child would look like as a true-life cartoon hero, but their cartoon hero will actually help another child around the world!

How does it work?
A portion of the retail price of the cartoon portrait will be donated to charities geared to help the environment and children around the globe. Our website will feature links to each of the charities we support, raising the child's social responsibility and charitable giving. We encourage that the child picks a charity of his own choosing with the help of the parents. The donation will be given to whatever charity is closest to the child's heart.

Helping the world one drawing at a time.

The strength of a hero is not measured by the size of his muscles, but by the kindness of his heart and the love of his neighbors. Likewise, a princess' qualities are not only measured by her beauty but for her noble, charitable giving; her gentleness and her care and goodwill toward others.

Children are born prosperous with an infinite, invisible supply to give to the world. It is our responsibility to help them to realize that their smiles and innocent love for all are that supply. If shown who to help and how to help, children will naturally play the part of a loving and peaceful citizen to the world.

The actual Lil' Toon Hero Portrait is a keepsake to cherish for generations to come--to always remind the child of the hero he or she truly is. Lil' Toon Hero Portraits will inspire children to take a tangible, one-small-step toward making the world a more peaceful and better place.

Don't think this is just for kids either. You can do Family Portraits as well.

Lil' Toon Charities

Hands to Hearts International
Hands to Hearts
Hand to Hearts International has dedicated itself to the plight of orphaned children lying untouched in cribs, and that of women not having the education or employment to contribute to their families or communities.

Every dollar plants a tree.

The Oprah's O Ambassadors program educates students about children and families living in developing countries.

On the GoodSearch homepage, choose from thousands of organizations or add your favorite cause to the list. Search the Internet just like you normally would—the site is powered by Yahoo!, so you'll get high-quality search results. A percentage of revenue generated from advertisers is shared with the charity, school or nonprofit organization of your choosing.

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Ronnica said...

Those are really cute. I'm glad they loved them!

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