Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review ~ Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler

This is an older Erica Spindler book, but I discovered her with some of her new books and wanted to backtrack. Shocking Pink is titled well, here is the book description ~

They were only watching

The mysterious lovers the three girls spied on were engaged in a deadly sexual game no one else was supposed to know about. Especially not Andie and her friends, whose curiosity had deepened into a dangerous obsession...

Now fifteen years later, someone is watching Andie. Someone who won't let her forget the unsolved murder of "Mrs. X" or the disappearance of "Mr. X." Suddenly Andie doesn't know who her friends are...because loyalty can be murder.

Andie. Julie. Raven
Three very different women bound by more than friendship.

I found Shocking Pink a bit slow to get into at first. I thought it would be more like her more current murder mysteries that I had already read (See Jane Die). Once I gave the book a chance though I really enjoyed it. Had some great twists and turns, some things I have never read before. There are some explicit scenes, but they are important to the story. I would recommend Shocking Pink to others. If this book isn't for you, then definitely check out Erica Spindler's other books.

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