Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Review ~ Cry of Justice by Jason Pratt

“I will tell you a story, beloved;

a story of a cradle.

there was a world,
bobbing and spinning within the center of her space,
infused with life, alit by lights both great and small,
upon her and above her.
From the beginning, she had borne her children
-not to stay, but to leave.

But, the children did not always play well.
And, they did not always leave well.”

This is how Cry of Justice begins. It is the first book in a new trilogy by Jason Pratt.

It is a story of a fictional world called Mikon. Monsters wander this world. Caught in the aftermath of a vicious international war, thousands of refugees have fled the Coastal States, bringing their dangers with them into the wilderness near the untamed Middlelands.

Castaways from an imploding civilization- fighting to find and to understand the most dangerous of treasures ... Portunista: innovative, ambitious, intemperate; a maga seeking her path to Imperial glory ... Seifas: dark and lethal, alienating, poetic; a hunter whose words are his tears ... Gaekwar: lanky, laconic, sardonic; 'only a cowherd', yet wielding exotic weaponry ... Othon: the Implacable One; a quiet, quick-thinking giant of a man ... Dagon: arrogant, insecure, buffoonish; a miserable commander with a knack for solving puzzles ... Pooralay: ruthless and compassionate, loud and brusque- when he wants to be; a thug on a mystical quest ... Bomas: renegade killer planning a subtle genocide; Artabanus: self-proclaimed Arbiter, drawing every power to himself; Praxiteles: incompetent madman, possessing and possessed by the Roguent Gamin ... In their increasingly desperate struggles- for food, for knowledge, for life itself- what will make the difference between brigades and bands of brigands?

Those are just some of the characters in this gripping fantasy novel. This book is written like a diary. It begins with one unamed person, writing the story as he takes it from the journals of two other people (the future Empress, Portunista and Seifas, poetic hunter). Between the journal entries are segments of an archeological expedition at the site thirty years after the fact, speculating and gathering information about the Empress's rise to power.

In the beginning of the book, it gets a little bit confusing. We are reading about aliens, this is a fantasy novel. Once you get into that, there are also a lot of characters to learn about. The way the story is told through journal entries and poetry, the book is very beautiful. Pratt has a unique writing style that is very intelligent. The book can be challenging at times.

When I was younger and graduated from reading Babysitters Club & Sweet Valley high, sci fi was my first choice of books. Somewhere after high school, I started reading mysteries and thrillers. It was really fun for me to get back into a Fantasy novel. I can't wait for the next two books in this trilogy! For anyone who enjoys a good fantasy, you will enjoy reading Cry of Justice.

Tracee at Divine Caroline has a great interview with Jason Pratt on her site. Be sure to check it out!

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Jason Pratt said...

Thanks for the review, Ginny!

The multi-part interview at Divine Caroline can be found here, by the way. (Be aware that the interview is in three parts and each part has multiple pages!)

A list of reviews and interviews so far this month can be found here.

Meghan at Medieval Bookworm didn't like the book so much herself, but thought other people might; so has posted up a lot of previous review material (which I supplemented in a comment, including with some other "meh" level reviews for full perspective's sake {g}) here.

Jason Pratt
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