Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Review ~ Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi

I was sent Gamer Girl back in December. With Christmas, etc etc I didn't get a chance to pick it up until a couple days ago. OMG, I wish I did sooner, this book is so good! I read it in 2 days, if it wasn't for hubs and the kids, I would have finished it the first day.

The book is a young adult book. My tween (age 11) hasn't read it yet, but I really think she will enjoy since the book has such an up to date story line.


Maddy’s life: not so rockin’. Her parents split, she’s stuck in a new, small town at a school full of Aberzombies and Haters, she has a crush on someone she really shouldn’t like, and she’s stuck with the nickname Freak Girl.

Sometimes it’s enough to retreat into her drawing – her Manga is totally important to her – but when she gets Fields of Fantasy for her birthday, she knows she’s found the one place she can be herself. In the game world, Maddy can transform from regular outcast high school student to Allora, a beautiful Elvin Princess with magical powers to take down enemies with a snap of her fingers and wave of her wand.

As Allora, Maddy can totally be herself. She spends a lot of time questing with Sir Leo, a brave knight who seems to really like Allora, and maybe even the IRL (In Real Life) Maddy. Allora’s virtual life is perfect, but a real gamer girl understands that real life comes first – Maddy knows she can’t escape from her IRL problems. She has to find ways to kick back at the Haters, rock her manga and find the new, real life friends she knows she deserves.

I've never gotten into any of the games like Gamer Girl is about, but the book totally made me want to play some role playing games, lol. Actually the book cemented the fact on why I don't, I know I'd be hooked on them. I already get hooked on the games I play now :)

What I really love about the book is the story is real. It is something that many kids go through. Not only does it cover divorce, moving, going to a new school, making new friends, but it also is about self esteem and learning to step out of your comfort zone. The book also has likable characters and a great story line.

I can't recommend this book enough to tweens and teens!

You can read an excerpt from the book at Mari Mancusi's website here. Mari also has a blog here.

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1 comment:

Lori A. said...

Thanks for giving me a heads up on this book. This sounds like a book my daughter and stepdaughter might like. My stepdaughter is really into Manga.

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