Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun learning for Pre-Schoolers ~ WordWorld

Have you seen the PBS show WordWorld yet?

Word World, LLC, created by Don Moody, is a multimedia platform that engages kids through television (PBS Kids), via interactive resources, and with learning products available at Target. Through a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending learning tool, all "WordWorld" products embed words into images to enhance word recognition.

Most kids can pick up the alphabet rather quickly. The struggles start when trying to make those letters into words. I know my oldest (now 11) has always struggled with reading since kindergarten. She picked up her alphabet and even some basic words quicker then anyone else in her daycare. It was quite a surprise when she started struggling with reading.

A brand-new study that was funded by the DOE was released yesterday, and concludes WordWorld officially helps children develop pre-literacy skills. We're thrilled, because with the recent Child Now study that came out a month ago stating that only 1 in 8 children's educational TV programs meet high quality standards ,* and the fact that by the fourth grade, less than one-third of all American children are reading at or above grade level,** to be able to say hey, look, you can turn on WordWorld and it's going to help your kids prepare for kindergarten, it's now a proven resource for parents.

**Foundation for Child Development. (2008). America's Vanishing Potential, The Case for PreK-3rd Education. Retrieved November 21, 2008, from

Watching WordWorld doubles children's featured oral vocabulary and triples children's ability to read and recognize featured words

Overall gains from the study demonstrate that regardless of demographic, children developed important early literacy skills by watching WordWorld during the trial period. Key findings include:

· Children doubled their oral vocabulary skills of words featured in WordWorld

· Children tripled their ability to read specific words featured and built in WordWorld

· Children in disadvantaged households where English is a second language showed gains in phonemic awareness, as well as oral vocabulary and reading words featured in WordWorld

The innovative WordWorld platform was developed in response to the National Reading Panel report, which set the standards for assessing the effectiveness of methods used in early literacy instruction.¹ By collaborating with top literacy experts from around the United States to target early literacy skills identified as most critical for supporting reading success, WordWorld reinforces the pre-literacy concept that letters (and their sounds) make words and that words have real meaning.

"This study, utilizing rigorous scientific methodology and conducted in collaboration with leading researchers at six major universities, is designed to assess the effectiveness of an educational media product, WordWorld," said Dr. Michael Cohen, president of the Michael Cohen Group LLC. "The results are encouraging: WordWorld is effective, with participating children acquiring essential early literacy skills."

PBS had some great shows when Alli was young, but I sure wish this was one of them. I think she would have really benefited from it. I had Cami watch it, even though she is above grade level and does not need to watch this dvd, it did hold her attention. It has cute characters, great story lines and tons of learning for pre-schoolers.

I love how the characters are made of words, Cami enjoyed picking out the letters that formed their bodies. The website is awesome as well. Some really great games that enhance the learning experience plus resources for parents.

WordWorld is about to start their second season with the Brand new Valentine's Episode on February 13th.

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Amanda said...

my 2 sons, age 2 & 3 love this show. going to have to try to watch the new one tomorrow! thanks for sharing

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