Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review ~ Lost Sock!: 200 Clever Ways to Use Your Single Socks

I have major issues with matching up my socks. I hate doing it, so I let it pile up. I also cannot seem to throw out a sock that I haven't found a match too. When I came across Lost Sock!: 200 Clever Ways to Use Your Single Socks, I knew I had to read this little book. It is written by Cynthia Copeland and is the most adorable book for adults.

We all have issues with lost socks, this is a must read. It gives you tons of ideas of things to do with that one single sock. Some of the ideas are genius, others will make you laugh out load.

My 7 year old saw me reading this book the other night and she said "I thought you didn't read picture books." I almost died, too funny. I would say the book is great for kids as well, but there are a couple of adult suggestions you might not want your kids to read on their own.

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