Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2009 Entertainment Book Free + 2.50 profit!

Have you bought your 2009 Entertainment book yet? If not, here is an amazing deal!

First you have to join Cashbaq, they are similar to ebates. Right now they are offering $5 sign up bonus, so go sign up.

Once you sign up, look for the Entertainment Store. Right now it is on the front page, or you can find it under shop by store.

Cashbaq is currently offering $10 back on the purchase of each Entertainment book. They are also offering 50% off the books.

Click the “Use Coupon” link to be directed to the Entertainment Book website. Enter your zip code on the Entertainment website and order the corresponding book for your location (~$12.50).

You will pay ~12.50 for the book and receive $15 back from Cashbaq.

* Make sure to update your My Account details to receive you money back *

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1 comment:

Christie said...

I've been browsing through your blog! It's so much fun here!
Thanks for stopping by mine.

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